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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

TPG's picks for where to travel right now

For more information about where you can travel, consult these top TPG ... That can add additional expenses and travel time so factor that in when ...

World Travel & Tourism Council, Carnival Corporation and Hilton Present the 2021 Global ...

LONDON, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) – together with the world's largest cruise company, Carnival ...

Airlines Are Up in the Air on Summer Travel Schedules

The covid pandemic's disruptions have carriers guessing about summer travel and posting 'placeholder' flight schedules that will change according to ...

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Talks on Covid-19 passport a first step towards quarantine-free travel, says S'pore

In response to queries from The Straits Times, MOT said on Tuesday (March 30) that it was looking to establish these new travel arrangements with ...

Family Travel Gets Complicated Without a Covid Vaccine for Kids

Nearly every summer, Ada Ayala, a teacher, and her husband, Oscar Cesar Pleguezeulos, travel with their children to visit Mr. Cesar Pleguezeulos's ...

Spain Prolongs Travel Restrictions Imposed on Countries Outside EU Until End of April

Authorities in Spain have extended restrictions on unnecessary travel from countries outside the European Union and the Schengen Zone until April ...

Monday, March 29, 2021

Details of Clare's €6m Active Travel allocation revealed

THE breakdown of the almost €6m allocation to Clare County Council for Active Travel projects has been revealed with significant investment in ...

Superyacht feature transports passengers underwater in minutes

... time," Gresham Yacht Design founder Steve Gresham tells CNN Travel. ... even when the yacht is traveling at a maximum speed of up to two knots.

Travel slowly returning to state of normalcy

Spring Break, Easter or finally getting the Covid vaccine are all reasons people are traveling again, especially this week. Surveys reported 80 percent ...

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Growing up poor made me willing to spend money on travel for the rest of my life, no matter what

My dad made a choice, and I treasure that choice to this day. I make travel a financial priority for my family, regardless of what other people may think.

Bring it on home: Greece

The Cooks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary during the voyage. Travel tip • Email the restaurant at least two months ahead for a reservation as ...

Multi-billion cost of 'lost summer' of international travel highlighted

The “catastrophic impact” that only a limited reopening of travel from May is outlined in a new report commissioned by the UK aviation sector.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Unfettered international travel 'risks undoing vaccine progress'

Keeping borders open for international travel could risk undoing vaccine progress, a scientist has warned. Dr Mike Tildesley, a member of the ...

Hong Kong Looks at Easing Travel for Vaccinated Residents: Lam

Hong Kong is looking into making it easier for vaccinated residents to travel to encourage more people to get inoculated, Chief Executive Carrie Lam ...

This unseen film by MakeMyTrip is the 'travel investment' you should make today!

Th Unseen India travel film by MakeMyTrip becomes our saviour here since it gives such a brilliant view of what we are missing out in our travel plans ...

Friday, March 26, 2021

Latest travel news: 'No scientific rationale' in stopping vaccinated people from travelling

Live. Latest travel news: 'No scientific rationale' in stopping vaccinated people from travelling.

BTA: 'UK must lead international travel recovery'

The UK must lead efforts to restore and rebuild international travel by championing global standards for Covid-19 testing and health certification, the ...

Vacancies and tenders - London Travel Watch

Casework Officer – Salary £29,198 (per annum). 9 Month Fixed Term Contract: 36 hours, Generous leave allowance, pension and benefits. Job advert.

How to choose travel vehicles in the United States?

How to choose travel vehicles in the United States?

In fact, the proportion of Americans traveling abroad is relatively small. They can't finish their domestic games and go abroad. It's a great thing to walk through 50 states in one lifetime.

The United States has a vast population and an area more than 200 times that of Taiwan. It takes at least 50 hours to drive from the east bank to the West Bank without sleep. Even by plane, you can't run away in four or five hours. It will take a day to take a domestic flight. Can we imagine being born in Taiwan, which is only a little bigger than a country with nose excrement? Travel in such a big country, the choice of action is particularly important. Generally speaking, there are four modes of transportation to choose from: plane, car, bus and train, but most of them are the former two. Which way is better depends on the time, money and the purpose of the trip.

If the journey is within 6 hours, driving is the most economical and convenient way.

If the driving time is about 6-12 hours, it's most embarrassing. It's tiring to drive for a long time, but it's a little cheaper. It takes at least 4-5 hours before and after the flight, and the cost is a little expensive, so it is difficult to choose.

If the journey is more than 12 hours, don't think about it. Please take a plane. Unless, you really have a lot of time, you care about the transportation cost. Otherwise, forget to drive. Don't forget, it takes at least 15-20 hours to set a 12 hour drive. You have to eat, go to the bathroom and even sleep. In addition, the cost of flying is not multiplied by the distance. That is to say, the distance is relatively long and not cost-effective. Moreover, many special time, special routes or low-cost airlines also have special tickets, which is very economical.

For example, it's three hours' drive from Portland to Seattle, 180 miles away. The fuel cost is about 20 yuan, but it costs more than 80 yuan by plane, and it doesn't save much time. It's a 10 hour drive from Portland to San Francisco. It's actually at least 12 hours. 650mi, about 80 yuan for gas, plus the depreciation of car maintenance, it's about the same as a 100 yuan air ticket. If it's Portland to New York, it's a big difference. It's 19 hours a day, and it's guaranteed to be three days and three nights. 3000mi, at least 300 yuan for fuel, plus the depreciation of car maintenance, there is no way to compare it with the cost of less than 200 yuan for air tickets in one day. In addition, special routes, San Francisco to Los Angeles, 6 hours by car, the actual at least eight hours. 400mi, about 50 yuan for fuel and 50 yuan for flying. Which one do you choose.

The above situation is to consider the situation of a person traveling. When more than two people travel, the situation is different. The cost of air ticket is one person x 1, two people x 2, n people x n. As for driving, as long as your car is crowded, the most you can do is pay more for gas. As for the detailed figures, I'll make an actuarial calculation myself.

If you have a partner who can take turns driving, driving all the way is a way to save money and have fun. Last year, I spent six or seven hours on short trips, not to mention two big self-help trips, which added up to more than 10000 miles. From the United States and China all the way north to Quebec and PEI in Canada, and back from Maine in the northeast, it's 5000 miles in 23 days. Another, from the United States and China to Yellowstone, and then to the president's head, is more than 5000 miles.

For buses, it is not recommended unless your itinerary is between big cities, and the area is very unfavorable for driving, or you can't drive and can't rent a car. For example, in the metropolises of East America, the mass rapid transit system is convenient, and the buses between cities are cheap and convenient. In this area, driving costs a lot of toll and parking is expensive and troublesome. Driving there is a broken head. In addition, the medium and long distance bus and the transfer in the middle will drive you crazy, and the cost will not be cheaper than flying. People who can drive will not consider it.

Finally, forget about the train. The ticket price is extremely expensive, and the number of flights and city spots are few and inconvenient. Unless you're a rich man with money and leisure and want to experience train travel. In America, trains are toys for the rich.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Pinterest Search Trends Show All-Time Interest in Travel

Pinterest says the increase in travel searches are coming from eight types of travelers: Rural tourists; Outdoor enthusiasts; Digital nomads; Bucket listers ...

Consumer Confidence in Travel Gets a Boost as Vaccines Roll Out

Airlines, airports, travel agencies and cruise lines are all reporting increased traffic and bookings. New research from Allianz details this surge and how ...

Alberta clipper to impact travel through Friday

There is a better chance for accumulating snow at all levels Thursday evening into early Friday morning. This will likely impact travel and early morning ...

What are the famous tourist attractions in Japan?

What are the famous tourist attractions in Japan?

The famous Japanese scenic spots are mostly developed as national parks, which are managed and protected by the state. The scenic spots are beautiful and full of natural interest. The Ahan National Park in Hokkaido area - the park has elegant volcanoes and three volcanic lakes hidden in the original forest - Lake ahan, mozhou and quoblique road. Among them, the lake water transparency of Lake mozhou is very high, and it is often covered in layers of fog. Daxishan National Park - there are Xuyue, known as the "ridge of the North Sea Road", and the 24 km long cloud gorge sandwiched in the cliff of a thousand Ren. The feather clothes waterfall, which falls 250 meters, is the most powerful and the most popular in Hokkaido. Shihetian bafanping National Park, located at the junction of Qingsen, Yanshou and shanshape counties in the northeast, is divided into two scenic spots: shihetian Lake in the South and bafanping plateau in the north. Spring plateau of the green, autumn lake water such as fire Maple attracted a large number of tourists. The National Park of the land central coast, one of the most beautiful coastal parks in Japan, is also known as the "sea Alps". There are vertical cliffs up to 200 meters long in the park; there are strange reefs in the sea, among which candle rock and tidal blow hole are most famous; and the 25 km long Zhongru cave "Longquan cave". Matsushima - one of the three scenes of Japan. Located in Xiantai City, Miyagi County, it is named by numerous islands floating in the Bay full of pine and cypress. Most of the islands in Songdao Bay are eroded by sea water, forming many tunnels, arches and caves. The quiet blue sea is dotted with green islands, which makes people feel like the fairyland. Pan Ti Chaori National Park - located between Fukushima county and mountain shaped immortals. In 1888, the panti mountain erupted. On the plateau formed by volcanic ash accumulation, many bright mirror lakes were formed, among which five color marshes and pig Miao Lake were the most famous, and they were famous summer resort in Northeast China. Shangxinyue plateau National Park, located at the junction of Changye, Qun Ma and Xinxie. The light well Ze in China is the most famous summer resort in Japan. Ten thousand hot springs and caozin hot springs are famous hot springs in Japan. Shimizhan is also one of the most famous active volcanoes in Japan, which is smoking all year round. Guandong sunshine National Park - the main attractions are concentrated in Qimu county. There are Huayan falls, which fall 99 meters, which is one of the three falls in Japan. Other famous falls, such as fog drop falls, are also famous for sun. Zhongchan Temple Lake is another famous scenic spot of sunlight. It is a representative mountain lake in Japan, and is a famous place for fishing in summer and maple watching in autumn. Dongzhao palace is also worth seeing, integrating the characteristics of the shrine and Buddhist temple. The tail Laise scenic spot in the west of the park is located at the junction of qunma, Fukushima and Xinxie county. It is a famous swamp in Japan. It is full of flowers in spring, green in summer and light in autumn. The Suu plateau is a famous summer resort. Fuji box root ITO National Park - located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamaguchi and jingoka, three counties. There are Fuji Five Lakes, the highest peak in Japan, and the magnificent Fuji lake at the foot of the mountain. The beautiful coast and magnificent Pacific scenery of the Yidou Peninsula attract countless tourists all the year round. The nearest box root from Tokyo is a good place to spread policies, ascend and appreciate maple. There are many famous hot springs in the park, such as the hot spring of soil fertilizer, Xiushan Temple hot spring and Tiancheng hot spring. Fuji mountain, located at the junction of Yamaguchi and jingoka, is the highest peak in Japan. Like cherry blossom, it is a symbol of Japan. Since ancient times, as a holy mountain, it has been admired by the Japanese. Except in winter, there are endless climbers. Central Mountain National Park in the central region - the main scenic spots are concentrated in Fushan County, and some are in Changye County, Xinxie county and Qifu county. Among them, the most famous mountain with a large number of 3 thousand meters peak. The Black Canyon is the deepest Grand Canyon in Japan, with spectacular scenery. You can take a mini tram. Hepaozhipu, hekeshan County, Guanxi District, is one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Japan. The Kii Peninsula has white sand beaches and strange reefs and the largest rain falls in Japan. China's Shanyin Coast National Park - located between Kyoto, Hyogo and bird picking, the most famous attractions are bird picking dunes and the Pufu coast. The sand dunes of birds, which are 16 kilometers long from east to west and 2 km wide from north to south, are the largest in Japan, and the best place to watch the sun and enjoy the sunset. The Pufu coast is called "the shady Pine Island" because of its white beach and verdant pine and cypress. Miyagi - officially named "Yan Dao", located in the sea of Laihu in Hiroshima, it is one of the three scenes of Japan. There are shrine built on the sea, and the island has the famous Red Leaf Valley Park and Mt. Mi which can be seen from the high. Jiuzhou District, the National Park of the jiuzhong of the ASU -- between XiongBen county and Dabing county. There are nine mountains, composed of active and dead volcanoes, and the largest crater in the world, where smoke is often thick. The foot of jiuchongshan is a rich ranch. Okinawa Coast National Park - a park for swimming, diving, fishing and other sea sports. The sea water in this area presents different colors due to the different water depth. Famous beaches include Moon Beach, 10000 beaches with various entertainment facilities and white sand and coral magnificent inter Olympic beach.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The changing landscape of space travel invites excitement, complex ethical questions

As Caroline DePalma highlighted last week, our human spirit has pushed space travel forward for generations. Space inspires wonder in us the way ...

Travel insurance and your summer holiday abroad

Travel insurance and your summer holiday abroad. Cover can reduce risks but cannot help dodge official bans. Lindsay Cook. Add to myFT.

Travelling to Bengaluru from Punjab, Chandigarh? Negative Covid-19 report must

"Here are the latest travel guidelines for passengers arriving in Bengaluru from Punjab and Chandigarh," the official Twitter handle of Kempegowda ...

Which city is the best place to travel in mainland China?

Which city is the best place to travel in mainland China?

Hainan is an easy to love Island, because its tranquility, sunshine, beach, sea water, pleasant air, everything seems to have nothing to do with seasons, still like graceful and green coconut trees, natural hot springs and rainforests, and that charming sea Hainan is a place where people think of the sun, the sea, the sand and the coconut trees. The sunshine in Hainan is blazing, even in winter, and the sea of Hainan is colorful. It reflects the beautiful coral and fish on the sea floor; the beach in Hainan is white and delicate, such as the skin of the girl; the coconut in Hainan is cool, sweet and refreshing. Hainan has an endless tropical original rainforest, and numerous exotic flowers and fruits are growing in the dense forest. It inhabits various tropical rare animals. Forest hiking is the favorite outdoor donkey friend tired of urban civilization. Diving sightseeing is the most attractive sea leisure activity in Hainan. The curiosity and exploration spirit of human beings are perfectly reflected here. Hainan has different types of hot spring resources, so hot spring has become a necessary travel enjoyment in the eyes of many tourists. Hainan Island has more than ten golf courses of various types, which not only attracts a large number of tourists from South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries, but also becomes the fashion pursued by the ordinary productive class in China. Li, returned overseas Chinese, egg people, old streets, ancient villages, folk houses, and the honest folk festivals are all the other original ecological cultures that we have never touched in the hinterland of the mainland. Do you want to travel differently, Hainan is your best choice

What is the place suitable for tourism?

What is the place suitable for tourism?

Lu Jihong recommends the following five grade a scenic spots and scenic spots, each province has Oh, ha ha! Beijing: Palace Museum, Tiantan Park, summer palace and Badaling Great Wall. Tianjin: Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street Tourist Area (hometown of Jinmen), Tianjin Panshan scenic spot. Hebei: Shanhaiguan scenic spot, Anxin Baiyangdian scenic spot, Chengde summer resort and surrounding Temple scenic spots in Baoding city. Shanxi: Yungang Grottoes, Datong City, Wutai Mountain scenic spot in Xinzhou City. Liaoning: Shenyang Botanical Garden, Dalian Hutan marine park, ocean Polar Museum. Jilin: Changchun City, the Palace Museum of the puppet Manchu, Changbai Mountain scenic spot. Heilongjiang: Sun Island Park, Wudalianchi scenic spot and Yabuli ski resort in Harbin. Shanghai: Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Shanghai wild animal zoo. Jiangsu: Zhongshan Lingyuan scenic spot, Zhongshan Lingyuan scenic spot, Wuxi film and television base of CCTV, Shuihu scenic spot of Suzhou, Zhuozheng Park of Suzhou, and Zhouzhuang Ancient Town scenic spot of Suzhou. Zhejiang: West Lake scenic spot, Yandangshan scenic spot in Wenzhou, Putuo Mountain scenic spot in Zhoushan City. Anhui: Huangshan scenic spot of Huangshan City and Jiuhua Mountain scenic spot of Chizhou City. Fujian: Gulangyu scenic spot in Xiamen, Wuyishan Scenic Spot in Nanping City. Jiangxi: Lushan scenic spot of Jiujiang City and Jinggangshan scenic spot of Ji'an city. Shandong: Penglaige tourist area, qufuming (Sankong) tourist area, and Taishan Scenic Spot of Tai'an City, Yantai city. Henan: Songshan Shaolin scenic spot, Longmen Grottoes scenic spot in Luoyang, Yuntai Mountain scenic spot in Jiaozuo City. Hunan: Nanyue Hengshan tourism zone and Wulingyuan tourism zone of Zhangjiajie City. Hubei: Huanghelou Park, Wuhan, and Three Gorges Dam Tourism Area, Yichang city. Guangdong: Mayor long tourist resort of Guangzhou, overseas Chinese city tourist resort in Shenzhen. Guangxi: Lijiang scenic spot of Guilin and the world of leisure in the land of le man in Guilin. Hainan: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Sanya City Nanshan Dongtian tourism area. Chongqing: Dazu stone carving scenic spot in Chongqing, Wushan small Three Gorges in Chongqing -- small Three Gorges. Sichuan: Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic spot, Emei Mountain scenic spot in Leshan City, Jiuzhaigou scenic spot of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Guizhou: huangshuoshu Waterfall Scenic Spot and Longsun Longgong scenic spot. Yunnan: Shilin scenic spot, Dali City, Lijiang City, Shangri La Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot, Xishuangbanna tourist area Shaanxi: Museum of terra cotta warriors and horses of Qinshihuang, HuaQingChi scenic spot of Xi'an, Huangdi Mausoleum scenic spot of Yan'an City. Gansu: Jiayuguan cultural relics scenic spot, Pingliang Kongtong mountain scenic spot. Ningxia: Shahu scenic spot of Shizuishan City and Shapotou scenic spot of Zhongwei city. Xinjiang: Tianshan Tianchi scenic spot, grapougou scenic spot in Turpan, Kanas Scenic Spot in Altay area, Urumqi city. Hainan, Thailand and Hong Kong can be considered, and the price is not expensive and tourism resources are rich. It is the best tourist route in this season. However, Hong Kong is recommended relatively, because Hainan is too "Chinese", Thailand is now unstable in political situation and N1N1 is running. Hong Kong is prosperous and westernized, and it retains many Chinese culture that is not seen in mainland China. When you go, the Chinese and Western cultures are very lively and extraordinary. Various snacks dazzle you, and there are a large number of special products for season changing. Beautiful disney night ensures you have a good time and a memorable memory. Why not do you have fun? Lu Jihong sincerely hopes the above information will help you!

What are the tourist attractions in Hong Kong

What are the tourist attractions in Hong Kong

Taiping peak is one of the most popular tourist spots in Hong Kong. You can see the fascinating scenery of the harbor, city and countryside. Taking the cable car to climb the mountain is an exciting and unforgettable experience! Victoria Harbour: take the star ferry to visit Victoria Harbour and revel in the splendor of the harbour. Don't miss the evening performance of "Hong Kong River with colorful lights". The buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbour are in full bloom, bringing sound and light shock. Lantau is home to the world's highest outdoor bronze seated Buddha, as well as Baolian temple, tai'ao fishing village, Ngong Ping 360 and Victoria harbor of Hong Kong Disneyland

What attractions do you want to visit when you travel to Hong Kong?

What attractions do you want to visit when you travel to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong 1 Hong Kong Museum of coastal defense 2 Hong Kong Park 3 Stanley Memorial Cemetery (military cemetery in Stanley) 4 Stanley 5 Ocean Park 6 Golden Bauhinia Square 7 Hong Kong Central Library 8 Zhongshan Historic Trail 1 Wong Tai Sin Temple 2 Chi Lin Jing Yuan 3 king's Park 4 Hong Kong Observatory 5 Hong Kong Space Museum 6 Hong Kong Museum of history (Hong Kong Story) 7 Kowloon Walled City Park 8 Kowloon Park 9 Li Zheng Wu Museum of Han Tombs 10 Han Garden 11 song Wang Tai Garden New Territories and outlying islands 1 Snoopy happy world 20000 Buddhist temple 3 Sha Tin Che Kung Temple 4 Zeng's house 5 Tai Po Lin village wishing tree 6 Kadoorie Farm 7 Hong Kong Railway Museum (Tai Po) 8 Shangshui mirror Rong Bookstore 9 lung Kwu Tan 10 emperor rock (Tuen Mun) 11 Tuen Mun miaofe Temple 12 Hong Kong Disneyland 13 Sha Chau and lung Kwu Chau Marine Park 14 clear water bay country park in addition to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong evening, Taipingshan Ferris wheel Ocean Park, Disney travel agencies generally arrange shopping. There is also Taiping peak shopping in central, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on the waterfront of Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, especially in the area of Chongguang department store or time square, where shopping, entertainment and food are good. There is Repulse Bay Beach, Tsim Sha Tsui Mongkok Tsing Ma Bridge

Where is the best place to travel recently? Please recommend

Where is the best place to travel recently? Please recommend

Hope to help you: the answer of the eagle in the blue sky is strictly prohibited to plagiarize, copy and post. First choice for Landscape: Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou, Huashan, sea, beach, swimming, diving: Sanya, Xisha, Shangxiachuan Island, historic sites: Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Dunhuang, ancient towns: Suzhou, Pingyao, Lijiang, Fenghuang, Langzhong, Xitang, Nanxun, Zhouzhuang city scenic spots: Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guilin [answer of the eagle in the blue sky] plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. Bodhisattva worship: Mt. Wutai, Mt. Putuo, Mt. Jiuhua, Mt. Emei and Nanhua temple; Mt. Putuo is the Taoist center of Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mt. Wutai is the Taoist center of Manjusri Bodhisattva, Mt. Emei is the Taoist center of Puxian Bodhisattva, Mt. Jiuhua is the Taoist center of dizang Bodhisattva and the sixth patriarch of Nanhua Temple. [answer of the eagle in the blue sky] plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. Grassland: Hulunbuir grassland, Xilingol Grassland, endless desert: Dunhuang, YueYaQuan, Xiangshawan, Shahu, through bayingol, Luntai to Qiemo or Minfeng, or take the national highway to Ruoqiang; Gobi, Hami, Tarim first farm, Lop Nur Exploration: Line 1: Xining - Changdu - Chengdu or Deqin; line 2: Ando - NIMA - Gaize - Geji - gar, please do not copy my answers, If you ask about the scenic spots, you can't answer it New attractions: Wansheng stone forest, Wulong Libo Karst World Heritage, Hezhou, Guangxi, are all new attractions, stone forest is no less than Lunan, eighteen water, Guposhan waterfall group is very spectacular, there are more than 30, hot springs, scenic spots, food, housing and transportation, ticket prices are low. Hezhou is also close to Guilin, more than two hours to go. Western Baise area, Detian waterfall, Leye Tiankeng are not bad Wrong. If you are lonely, at a loss, under great work pressure, and financial support, you can make an appointment to fly directly to your destination for two days. If the economic conditions do not support it, you can ask a person nearby for a holiday. The most valuable self driving tour route in China: plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. 1. Xining, Maduo, Yushu, Nangqian, leiwuqi, Changdu, Mangkang, Batang, Yajiang and Chengdu. 2. Naqu, bange, zhanggui, NIMA, Gaize, gar, Rutu, DOMA, Keriya pass, Rimo, ruowu (you can go to Lop Nur), Yuli, Korla, Urumqi (exploration route) 3. Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Yongshun, Baojing, Xiushan, Xiyang, Wulong, Wansheng, Chongqing (landscape route) Guangzhou can be called the paradise of international shopping, the forefront of the motherland's opening up: you have places to play, places to see, places to make you happy, just what you want, Guangzhou is a paradise for shopping, a paradise for knowledge, and a paradise for fun. It is suggested that you stay in Yixin hotel in Guangzhou, which is hygienic, luxurious, safe and convenient. The standard price is 200 yuan. There are more than 100 clothing wholesale cities near Baima. The price of leather goods is the biggest in the world. 2. The price of leather goods is the biggest in the world, There are some French here, and the French will feel ashamed. 6. China's largest Chinese herbal medicine market, Qingping market, which Li Shizhen never thought would happen in Guangzhou. 7. China's largest dry seafood market, with shark fin and bird's nest piled up like a mountain, has some dry goods in the world. 8. China's largest seafood market, Huangsha market, is the distribution center of all seafood in China, Australia's largest seafood market is not as much as here. 9. Southern tea market, some tea in the world can be bought here, and it is the best. 10. China's largest wholesale market for hotel supplies, Nantian wholesale market. 11. Jade Street in Changshou Road, where jade from all over the world are available. 12. China's largest flower market, All kinds of cultivated flowers and plants make you fresh and fresh. Plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. 13. Decoration materials wholesale city, the variety can be said to be the best in the world. 14. Pacific, Tianhe, Nanfang, Accor, President, Broadway, Guangzhou computer East West City, Bill Gates will feel ashamed when he goes in. He didn't come in early to have a look. 15. Lecong Furniture City has furniture all over the world. If the three generations of Bush and his grandchildren go in, they will feel that they are ignorant. 16. Sanyuanli Auto Parts City, Zhanlong Auto Parts City, Zhiyou Auto Parts City and Yifu Auto Parts City. After watching, you can become an auto manufacturer. 17. Eat in Guangzhou. Cantonese cuisine and seafood are the main food in Guangzhou. All the dishes in China and the world can be eaten in Guangzhou. 18. The paradise of play and the highest level of game of life can be found here. Travel to Guangzhou will make you refreshing, well-informed, there will be a treasure you harvest, lonely will find happiness. Entrepreneurs will find a foothold. The main scenic spots are: Nanyue King's tomb, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Guangxiao temple, Guangta temple, Chenjiaci, Huangpu Military Academy, Baiyun Mountain, South China Botanical Garden, Changlong happy world, Xiangjiang wildlife park

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Chicago's COVID-19 emergency travel order lacks enforcement amid pandemic

CHICAGO — The city imposed an emergency travel order last year as COVID-19 cases increased, but Chicago hasn't been enforcing it. Janet Calvo ...

Tourism groups push US to eliminate travel restrictions

Airlines and other tourism-related businesses are pushing the White House to draw up a plan in the next five weeks to boost international travel and ...

Ultra rich root for private jet travel: Survey

Chennai: With Covid-related disruptions affecting international travel, India's high networth individuals are rooting for private air travel. A survey ...

What are the top 10 travel resorts in the world?

What are the top 10 travel resorts in the world?

Sidibuaid, the most beautiful and romantic town in North Africa, is located 20 kilometers north of Tunis and on the South Bank of the Mediterranean Sea. In the middle ages, Spanish aborigines who avoided religious persecution crossed the Mediterranean from the Iberian Peninsula and fled to this cliff town, where they settled down. At that time, people should not have expected that the former refuge for hasty escape is now one of the top ten romantic towns in the world. The city is full of Andalusian style white houses and blue windows, and the city is full of clove petals. On its high cliff, you can easily see the light green and tender sea. Meandering along the stone road with Turquoise light, you will see white castles and white flat roofed houses, high and low, scattered into a fairy tale posture. Curious to ask every passer-by Tunisian on the street, he will tell you with a smile why they like to depict blue windows, doors, eaves and pillars on white houses? The blue and white everywhere reminds people of Greece on the Aegean coast, but the blue and white tone should be more dignified, which is more casual, and the plain life is full of indifference. The open-air cafe on the Hilltop of Sidi bousade is the best viewing platform. Sitting on a bench leisurely, drinking a cup of rich Arabian coffee, or mint tea with fragrant smell, looking at the distant scenery, and then looking at the people around you, you will feel: life has nothing else to ask for. Basque countryside Basque countryside is placed in the north of Spain by God, and quietly draws the eyes of the world with its mysterious role. There, native Basques still maintain the oldest way of life. Experts have yet to figure out where they originated and what language family Basque belongs to. The only valid information we know is that in the insurmountable mountains and forests, the Basque nation existed in isolation for hundreds of years, and it was not until around the 12th century that it was included in the territory of castilia. It is made up of three provinces: gypcoa, shengweizkaya and Arawa, with dense woods and lush pastures, long valleys and swift streams, just like the fairyland outlined by landscape painters. As early as the beginning of last century, Chinese people witnessed its beautiful scenery. This man is Kang Youwei. It is said that he once wrote a poem: "the pavilion flag is covered, and the golden axe is criticized.". The river flows to the bottom, and the Yellow River is narrow. Strong posture as beauty, Rong Hua depends on the end of the sky. I don't know the color of hengdai, but I'm quite aware of Tailu. " Basque's beauty is admirable, especially the dazzling "Painted Forest" (in OMA District). It's a personal show by artist agrestin. Every few months, this unusual painter would come here and paint different patterns on the woods in Basque province. What needs to be added is that the Basque area is also one of the best food areas in Spain. Provence, in the south of France, has kept her secret carefully since its birth, until the arrival of the Englishman Peter Meyer. In Mel's works, "Provence" is no longer a simple geographical name, but also represents a simple and carefree, relaxed and lazy way of life; a carefree mood of watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; a carefree mood of looking at the sky with no intention of staying or going. Nowadays, millions of people flock to Provence and the blue coast of southern France every year to see the scenery that is hard to describe in the picture books and the incredible leisure in the novels. If you travel to get rid of the shackles of life, Provence will make you forget everything. The best time of the year in Provence is summer. The sky is blue and transparent. The air is like fresh iced lemonade. If there is a clear spring in the bottom of my heart, I want to sing. Lavender all over the mountains makes people ecstatic. There are deep purple and light blue flowers on bicycles, cattle heads and girls' skirts. The whole valley is filled with the fragrance of ripe grass. The fields were lined up with lavender and sunflowers. There was an apple tree on the side of the field. Not far away were several small brick houses with yellow walls and blue wooden windows. The sunlight sprinkles on the lavender bouquet, is one kind of Pan blue purple golden luster. Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Chagall and other great painters were infused with a new sense of art by Provence; American writer Fitzgerald, British writer D.H. Lawrence, French writer Huxley, German poet Nietzsche and others also made pilgrimages. Among the pilgrims was Peter Mayer, who pushed Provence to the top with his mountain dwelling years. The northern Alps is located in the Alps in the south of Germany. It starts from the forest road on the East Bank of Baden lake at the junction of Germany and Switzerland in the West and extends to the mountain towns on the border of Germany and Austria, about 300 kilometers. Around this winding mountain range, it seems that there was a treasure robber who ran away in a hurry with a big hole cloth bag. After walking around, he also scattered a lot of jewelry. For example, small town forest road, or rather, it is an island on the lake. On the island, you can find all kinds of Renaissance style old houses. Their outer walls are covered with white pine bark, under the eaves are smoked bacon, the backyard is piled with neat firewood, and the windowsill is crowded with pink and dark green flowers. Outside the house is a cobblestone paved street. Walking on the street, you can see the church bell tower with onion shaped roof, which is full of ancient flavor. Fifty kilometers east of Lindau, Oberstdorf is the most famous mountain climbing and skiing resort in the German Alps. Standing at the top of its nebelhorn peak, as long as the weather is clear enough, you can see at least 400 peaks in the Alps. It's the largest and most magnificent mountain range in Europe. The endless mountains, topped with white peaks, glittered with gold in the sun. Eyes back, foot is the grass green hills and boundless flowers. The ridges, woods and hills seem to be practicing yoga, and each of them has a very long body; the unknown lakes and rivers, like the tears hanging from the corners of a child's eyes, are blue like a clear sky, and the shadows of snow mountains are rippling; the wild flowers such as reed grass and dandelion are comfortably and neatly surrounded the lake like a mirror. In the small town, a shady path is covered by big umbrella like old trees. Along the road, you will find a road sign, which says: walk slowly and enjoy Tahiti. In 1716, the British fleet unexpectedly discovered Tahiti, a paradise with flowers and fragrance. They could not think of a better name, so they had to define it with such a popular metaphor as "fairyland on the sea". Time flies by, and things change. Tahiti has no relationship with its original discoverer, and has become the largest island among the five islands of French Polynesia. However, the scenery of the past is still dazzling beyond the general rule of "the vicissitudes of life, the beautiful scenery of the day". Tahiti is an island with a total area of about 1000 square meters. In the northeast of New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, it looks like a fish from the sky. Therefore, people call the section of fish head and body "Tahiti", and the end of fish tail "little Tahiti". Tahiti is another name of Tahiti. We seem to be more familiar with it because of a man named Gauguin and his life there. "The moon and Sixpence" says that Gauguin abandons everything and comes to this island regardless of everything, and then draws the girl in the picture. Tahiti girls sit opposite each other, and the plain little hairpin sends out fragrance quietly. This kind of life is 12 years. Because of the geographical location of the South Pacific island, it is warm and rich in products all the year round. People who have nothing to worry about often look at the sea with nothing to do and meditate in the distance. This kind of melancholy or leisurely state usually lasts for the whole afternoon. Then it's sunset, then it's dawn. The sun comes with the wind from the Pacific Ocean, and the color of the sea also changes from deep to clear. They call themselves "people of God," and we call that "the place closest to heaven.". As the last stronghold of the ice age, the beauty of the Highlands is elusive. The boundless highlands are not as endless as the forests of northern Europe, nor are they dead deserts, but are covered by low green grass and mosses that gently fluctuate. The low, sparse vegetation grew desolately, not like the green of England. Exposed rocks and clear air remind you that this is the plateau on the island. Even in summer, when the field is covered with a kind of purple flowers called broom Heather, the earth lacks a kind of vitality. That kind of boundless purple appears too dazzling and stubborn, different from the brilliant mountain flowers, but a kind of nearly desperate bloom. This is a lonely land, which was regarded as a wild land many years ago. No matter how magnificent and beautiful the scenery is, it can not replace the barrenness of the land. The stubborn Scots are defending the land, struggling to survive in the face of the conquest and contempt of a stronger nation. In ancient Roman writing, Scotland is called "Caledonia". "Oh, Caledonia! Stubborn and desolate. Need to take care of this poetic child! This place is only brown wasteland, messy clumps, this place is only high mountains, flooding water This is the description of the famous Scottish poet Scott. If the inundated water is included in the Loch Ness where there are water monsters, then the arbitrary waterfalls, mountain springs, streams, and lakes all seem to be able to pass in one stroke. It is said that Loch Ness, which is haunted by monsters, is on the outskirts of the small town of Inverness. People come in droves to see the monsters. Later, an investigation showed that it was just a false alarm. Petra is in Jordan. If you tell the local people that you are going to visit the famous Dead Sea, the Jordanian look is calm. But when he knows that you are going to Petra, he will be in high spirits, with pride on his face, and with the special crafty eyes of Arabs, he says, "tell me what you feel when you see the treasure house of the Pharaoh." The ancient city of Petra, hidden in the mountains between the dead sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, has a history of more than 2600 years. The name of the city comes from the Greek "rock", because the whole city is carved from the cliffs. The setting sun of the sun has dyed the ancient city into a gorgeous rose color, and the rose red wall has witnessed the whole history. When the treasure house of the pharaoh is open to you, there is only surprise and shock, and no language can explain that feeling. The precipitous and deep canyons, the magnificent ancient buildings and the summit of strange stones and monsters that suddenly come from the desert take away your perception. And Petra's legendary history makes people unable to clear up their ups and downs. In prehistoric times, Petra was a city founded by the desert caravan of the Nantai people and a transportation fortress between Arabia, Egypt and Phoenicia in Syria. In the heyday of the Roman Empire, it was the best provincial capital in the east of Rome, but then declined for a long time. In the Beckett era, few tourists visited the place except Bedouin, a nomadic people in the Arabian desert. It flourished for a while, then disappeared and remained silent for a thousand years until it was rediscovered in 1812. The temple of DEI is still there, 130 feet high and 100 feet wide. Its towering pillars are carved in the sand and stone walls. The sunlight hits its body, emitting three layers of soft light: pink, red, orange and crimson, with yellow, white and purple stripes. It's like a beautiful dream that just ended. Seychelles the Seychelles consists of 92 islands. There are only two seasons in a year - hot season and cool season. There is no winter. It's a huge natural botanical garden, with more than 500 kinds of plants, of which more than 80 can't be found anywhere else in the world. Each island has its own characteristics. Aldabra island is also a famous Turtle Island, where tens of thousands of big turtles live. Fregat island is a "world of insects"; kongsen island is a "Bird Paradise"; IgE island is rich in all kinds of colorful shells? Blue sky, clear water, sunshine, sand Beach, sea breeze? Everything a beautiful island country should have, There are not only all of them, but also more. So in Seychelles, you get greedy. Because of the fragrance of Gardenia in the air, even the simplest breathing has become enjoyment. The plants here are super large, lush with a bit of unbridled, color is rich, such as Gauguin's painting. The pine pagoda is as big as Hami tukugua. The leaves of carefree grass grow more than a foot wide. The huge coconut tree slants in front of the window. Behind the tall Fusang tree, the tall phoenix tukugua tree is so red that it almost covers half of the sky. In the meantime, you will feel that the vibrant flowers and plants are the real masters of the island, and people are just the embellishments. Their national treasure is a kind of exotic fruit called sea coconut. If foreign tourists want to take it out of the country, they need to hold a license from the local government. Kathmandu Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, which means "Temple of single trees". It is said that this was once a vast lake. One day, Manjusri came here, slashed the Bank of the lake with his sword, dried a lake of water, and the original lake became a valley. There are more than 2700 temples. So many temples are old and dignified. They live at an altitude of 1370 meters. Time is here, and they almost forget to March. The streets and alleys are full of Hindu shrines with wisps of smoke; the great insight of Bona Buddha pagoda overlooking all living beings is thousands of years; the believers in front of the Hindu temple of NAPAs patina are still worshiping devoutly; there is also an open crematorium leading to the paradise of the Buddha; there is also an open crematorium in front of the Hindu temple of NAPAs patina; British Virgin Islands the British Virgin Islands, like a willow eyebrow, separate the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Located 60 km east of Puerto Rico and 180 km northwest of indiga, are part of the Antilles. Columbus first discovered it in 1493. In this world-class tourist destination, there are no luxury hotels or nightclubs that we are used to, no neon flashes and night music, and even a sign is hard to see. People on the island live in the most simple and natural way. Nature breeds all things, and the wisdom of the Vikings lies in their efforts to maintain this beauty. Environmental protection is the first priority of the island, and the government even legislates to protect marine life. The return of nature is clear sea water, fresh air and rich fish.

Which district is better to travel to Beijing?

Which district is better to travel to Beijing?

I stayed at the Beijing Lama Temple Youth Hostel during my summer vacation. I feel that the location is pretty good, especially when it’s very close to Lama Temple, it’s only a ten-minute walk away, and it’s not far from Nanluoguxiang. It’s all within walking distance.

Monday, March 22, 2021

US air travel rises to highest level since pandemic hit

(AP) – Across the United States, air travel is recovering more quickly from the depths of the pandemic, and it is showing up in longer airport security ...

Washington universities discourage spring break travel as pandemic continues

Leaders at UW and WSU strongly discourage "nonessential travel" this season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This video file cannot be played ...

Travel: Take a trip to the past and reminisce or learn family history

Travel is a big passion of mine and so is history. The past 10 years or so, my family history has become a big topic of interest. I'd always loved hearing ...

What should we pay attention to when we travel to Hong Kong?

What should we pay attention to when we travel to Hong Kong?


First, we should protect the safety of our documents and property.

Second, we should change Hong Kong dollars. We suggest that one person should use 200 Hong Kong dollars a day for basic food, drink and transportation. For shopping, we suggest to use credit card.

Third, we should ensure that the pass and endorsement are within the validity period.

Fourth, we must abide by the laws and regulations of Hong Kong and Macao. We must not engage in income earning activities in Hong Kong. We must not eat or drink in the subway

Tourism near Chengdu

Tourism near Chengdu

If you want to travel, you should have mountains and water for two days. Don't be too far away from Chengdu. It's better to have a bus route. I'm here. Thank you

Chengdu is located in the Chengdu Plain in the west of Sichuan Basin, commonly known as West Sichuan Bazi. Bazi tourism in Western Sichuan bears the brunt of ancient town tourism. In addition to Wuhou Temple, Qingyang palace and Dufu thatched cottage in Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town in Longquan is nearby. Most of the residents of Luodai are Hakkas, which is known as the first Hakka town in Western China. They enjoy Hakka folk customs and eat sad cold noodles!

In Anren ancient town of Dayi, there is the landlord manor of Liu Wencai, the big landlord, and Jianchuan Museum, the largest museum settlement in China.

Pingle Ancient Town in Qionglai, a simple folk custom in Western Sichuan, and an intangible cultural heritage, Zhuma chant, once sang the charm of happy Chinese travel in Qionglai. In addition, Qionglai itself is also worth visiting. There are wenjunjing Park, which records the love between Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun, and Linqiong ancient city, which is one of the four ancient cities in Bashu.

In addition, there are Ya'an Shangli ancient town, Hongya Liujiang ancient town and so on.

The west of Chengdu Plain is connected with Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with mountainous terrain and rich mountain landscape. Apart from Mt. Emei, the Buddhist kingdom, there are Tiantai Mountain where Dayu ascended to worship heaven, Siguniang mountain in the eastern Alps, Qingcheng Mountain, Wawu mountain, doutuan mountain, Bifeng gorge where Nuwa mended the sky, Pengzu mountain, the birthplace of health culture, and so on.

Others: Sansheng Flower Town, Baoguang temple, Guanghan Sanxingdui, Chengdu Happy Valley, Wenjiang guosetian Township, Meishan Sansu temple, Leshan Lingyun Buddha, Suining Daying Dead Sea, Jiangyou Libai hometown, Luojiang pangtong temple, etc. Further away, it's not around Chengdu. Have a good time!

Supplement: I can recommend a three-day trip to Pingle Ancient Town in Tiantai Mountain. It's an hour's drive from Chengdu Jinsha station to Qionglai via Cheng wenqiong. The fare is 20. (you can go to Qionglai from the north railway station, shiyangchang and Xinnanmen, but it's the old way of Shuangliu and Xinjin. It's slow to spit blood!)

After arriving at Qionglai, you can get a minibus to Pingle Ancient Town at the station. The fare is 5 yuan. Have fun in the afternoon after you get to Pingle town. There are many hotels in the town. You can always find a suitable place! Every summer, Pingle will hold a beer festival. You can also rent bamboo rafts to play on the Baimo river. Those bamboo rafts have roofs and mahjong tables on them. It's very good to play mahjong while enjoying tea!

The next day, you can take a bus to Tiantaishan town. After getting off the bus, you can go to the tourist center across the river to buy a ticket. The ticket is 40. Then you need to take the battery sightseeing bus to go up the mountain. It's a long distance to go up the mountain. It's necessary to take a bus. It's recommended to buy the whole journey 30. If you want to climb the mountain, you can take a bus to Xiaojiawan and go up the path. You can watch Changhong waterfall, Xiangshuitan waterfall and go back to Gongshan After the road, you can take a bus to Leiyin temple, which is the end of the sightseeing bus. Along the way, there are monk yamen, small mill, yixiantian, xiaojiuzhai and Jinlong cave. After arriving at Leiyin temple, if you still want to go to Shibali vanilla Valley and Butterfly Beach, you need to take another bus.

In the evening, you can live on Tiantai Mountain, or return to Qionglai city for lodging. In the evening, you can visit the ancient city of Linqiong. The pedestrian street of Qionglai has a unique flavor. Qionglai snacks are also unique. The proportion of beautiful women in Qionglai is much higher than that in Chengdu!! The next day, you can go to wenjunjing Park in the city to taste the millennium love between Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun! Then return to Chengdu. It costs more than 400 per person.

In fact, 500 yuan can go to many places, not only near Chengdu, but also far away, such as the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan. Well managed, it costs less than 500 yuan. You can see more self-help travel websites.

It's fun to travel to Taiwan. What's the right season to go?

It's fun to travel to Taiwan. What's the right season to go?

Taipei 101 is located in Xinyi planning area, the most prosperous financial and trade district in Taipei. Its total height is 508 meters. At present, it is the second tallest skyscraper in the world. In terms of architectural style, Taipei 101 integrates oriental classical culture and Taiwan local characteristics, takes vigorous bamboo as its shape, and creates an endless impression through high-tech materials. In addition to the combination of securities, finance, corporate headquarters, industrial and commercial activities and entertainment, life, shopping, food and other purposes, it has become a new landmark in Taiwan. 2. The Palace Museum is located in the Forbidden City of Shuangxi, outside Taipei city. It has a collection of 650000 world-famous cultural treasures, most of which are collected by the royal family in the past. It covers the entire history of Chinese culture that has not been interrupted for more than 5000 years, and is unique in the history of world civilization. In particular, after the reconstruction was completed in February last year, digital learning space and diversified catering service facilities were added, cinemas and cultural stores were added. The memorial hall of Zhang Daqian next to the Forbidden City is rebuilt from his former residence. It collects many masterpieces and cultural relics. The clock on the inner wall of the hall stops at 8:15 a.m., which is set to commemorate the moment of Zhang Daqian's death. 3. Sun Moon Lake is located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, with an altitude of 760 meters. Its water source comes from the Hehuan mountain system in the upper reaches of the chuoshui river. It is a reservoir lake type scenic spot with an area of more than 100 square kilometers. It is 33 kilometers around the lake. The north half is shaped like a sun wheel, and the South half is shaped like a moon hook. During the Japanese occupation period, in order to generate electricity, the Japanese built a 15 kilometer long underground water channel to submerge many small hills beside a depression and form today's Sun Moon Lake, surrounded by mountains and water. As it is a living reservoir, it is not only difficult for algae to grow, but also has good transparency in water quality. It can also breed fresh and greasy Kojima, Qili and pond shrimp. Generally speaking, only when you can take a boat to the lake and get close to the lake, can you fully experience the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake in the morning and dusk. 4. Alishan is located in Alishan of Jiayi county. It is the holy mountain of the local Zou people. The sunrise and sea of clouds in Alishan are international tourist attractions. In recent years, international tourists have gradually noticed the value of the Alishan Forest Railway. As one of the three remaining alpine forest railways in the world, the Alishan railway was built in 1899, with a total length of 71.4 km. All the way from Jiayi, 30 meters above sea level, to Alishan station, 2216 meters high, through 49 tunnels and 77 bridges. Along the way, you can enjoy the changes of plant species in different forest zones, such as heat, warmth and temperature, as well as beautiful mountains and valleys. In particular, in order to accommodate the steep mountain shape on the way, Yushan has to spiral around the independent mountain for three times to reach the top of the mountain, and even zigzag forward. Sometimes the train has to drag forward and sometimes push back, so it is known as "hitting the wall". 5. Yushan, 3952 meters above sea level, is located in the central area of Taiwan, and is a key Mountain National Park in Taiwan. The area is of high mountains, majestic and magnificent, covering four counties of Nantou, Jiayi, Kaohsiung and Hualien, covering an area of more than 100000 hectares. In 1966, two mountain youths overcame all kinds of hardships and moved a bronze statue of Yu Youren, an old man of the Communist Party and a master of cursive script, to the top of Yushan Mountain and set it up. They realized the last words of "bury me on the high mountain and look at the mainland" before you Ren died. As a result, Yushan Mountain once reached the height of 4000 meters. In 1995, the head of Yu Youren's bronze statue was sawed off by an independent mountaineering group. As a result, Taiwan officials replaced it with a stone product symbolizing Yushan. Because the top of Yushan Mountain is the highest point in Taiwan, politicians in Taiwan often regard climbing Yushan Mountain as a highly symbolic journey. 6. The love river of Kaohsiung flows through the urban area of Kaohsiung, with a total length of about 16.4 kilometers. It is one of the main rivers in Kaohsiung. Yancheng area, where the love river flows, used to be an important international business and shipping town in southern Taiwan. However, due to industrial pollution and improper discharge of urban wastewater, the love river is notorious for its serious pollution. In recent years, the riverside park has become a good place for young people to take a walk and rest. It is also a Dragon Boat Festival and Lantern Festival Lantern Festival in southern Taiwan It's my stage. 7. Kenting is located on the south side of Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County, the southernmost tip of Taiwan. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Its development began in 1877. The Qing government's recruitment bureau raised a large number of strong men from Chaozhou, Guangdong Province to reclaim the wasteland, and it was named after this. Kenting is the only tropical area on Taiwan Island, with beautiful vegetation and coastal topography, a wide range of wild animals, and abundant activities in the surrounding sea area, including diving, windsurfing, banana boat, snorkeling. The underwater landscape is of the first class in the world. Therefore, it has attracted a large number of international tourists to visit here, and the streets of Kenting have unique exotic flavor and nightlife characteristics. 8. Across Hualien, Nantou and Taichung, Hualien Taroko is famous for its magnificent and nearly vertical Marble Canyon landscape. Walking along the gorge of Liwu River, you can see the cliffs, cliffs and canyons, as well as the continuous and tortuous caves, tunnels, Dali rocks and streams. Tailuge is surrounded by huge peaks, with a drop of 3742 meters, creating a complex layer of vegetation. In order to connect the East and west sides of Taiwan, in the 1950s, the Kuomintang led by Jiang Jingguo a large number of retired officers and soldiers to dig a very dangerous passage in the high mountains. It was the central cross road between the Taroko and the East and west of Taiwan. Taroko archway with Chinese flavor is the starting point of Zhongheng highway recognized by ordinary tourists, and it is also a popular scenic spot for photo taking.

How about traveling to Hong Kong and staying there?

How about traveling to Hong Kong and staying there?

Is it better to visit Hong Kong and live in Kowloon or Hong Kong? Where is more convenient to ride, eat, live and shop? How about Nathan Road?

Of course, staying in a hotel is the best choice when you travel to Hong Kong. First, it's safe. Second, the service is comprehensive. Third, when you leave Hong Kong, you don't need to book your own tickets. As long as you tell the information desk, the hotel can help you solve the problem. It's up to you to decide whether to stay in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon. There are large amusement parks on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon, As a matter of fact, the transportation of Hong Kong is one of the most convenient cities in the world. If you can measure your financial commitment, the clock hotel in Kowloon is the cheapest. However, for better protection, I suggest you stay in a hotel. I suggest you stay on Hong Kong Island for a few days, and then stay in Kowloon for a few days. In this way, the itinerary will be complete. You are welcome to visit Hong Kong and have a good time, It's comfortable to live, delicious to eat, and easy to sell,

Group tour in Japan

Group tour in Japan

Shenzhen side with the group to Japan Tourism How much does it cost? "Tell me about the consumption there! Seven day luxury tour

Travel in Japan - 7-day luxury tour in Hokkaido, Honshu (Hong Kong round trip) the catering hotel - Q Kansai Airport, Osaka, Hong Kong (about 3 hours) will gather at the designated time and place, then fly To Kansai Airport, Osaka by luxury direct airliner, arrive at the evacuation Hotel and have a rest. - Kansai ana or Osaka City Park at the same level - Shinsaibashi shopping street - Shinkansen bullet train (including ticket) - Kyoto - Isetan prospect platform - Heian temple - Lanshan tuyue bridge enjoy red leaves (enjoy red leaves from mid November to late November) take a bus (about 1 hour's drive) to Osaka City Park Osaka City, which has a long history, was built in 1586 by Hideki Toyotomi. It is made of majestic stone walls. You can have a panoramic view of Osaka City by climbing the five storey and eight step Tianshou Pavilion. Go to shinsaiqiao shopping street (about 15 minutes by car) (about 60 minutes by stop). Shinsaiqiao shopping street is located in Asia and Japan. As the largest shopping area in Osaka, shinsaiqiao is crowded with many boutique houses and exclusive shops from morning to night, full of people and tourists. After lunch, take the Shinkansen bullet train experience (about 13 minutes) to the istan prospect platform in Kyoto (about 30 minutes). The istan prospect platform is located on the 11th floor of JR istan department store in Kyoto Station. It adopts open space design and consists of three separate elevators,.. Then go to the temple of peace (about 15 minutes by car) (stop for 10-20 minutes), the building is all made of mahogany, beautiful and magnificent. In front of the shrine stands the largest bird house in Japan, which is of great commemorative value. At the foot of Lanshan mountain in Kyoto, there is a bridge across dayanchuan River, which is called "moon crossing bridge". It is said that it is named because the curved moon is crossing the river. The piers of Du Yue bridge are made of steel, while the deck is made of wood, which is antique and harmonious with the natural landscape of Lanshan scenic area. Since the Heian Dynasty, Japanese nobles have used this area as a playground for outings and boating in the countryside. Cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn are so beautiful that people feel like going back in time. In the morning, afternoon and evening, Lijia royal or equivalent three Osaka Q Sapporo ~ dengbie ~ digaogu (enjoy red leaves in early October to mid October) ~ seafood market ~ Muran earth Cape ~ Youzhu volcano ~ Zhaohe new mountain ~ Yangti snow mountain ~ Dongye Lake ~ hot spring Osaka Q SAPPORO (flying 1 hour and 50 minutes) arrive, then go to dengbie ~ dengbie digaogu (30 minutes' drive, about 20 minutes' stay), Seafood market (about two hours by car). The seafood traded here are fresh products just caught. There are many kinds of seafood. Lunch (60 minutes) and then to the earth Cape of Muran (15 minutes tour), you can view the surrounding landscape from the earth Cape, so that we can appreciate the charm of nature. (about 60 minutes by car) Youzhu volcano is a very active volcano near Dongye lake, one of the few hot springs in Hokkaido. On the opposite side is another scenic spot in Muran, Showa shinyama (the two scenic spots are visited for about 40 minutes in total). Showa shinyama is located in zhuanggiao Town, Youzhu Prefecture, Hokkaido, Japan, belonging to Toya National Park, zhiwat. Take a bus to overlook the "Hokkaido little Fuji" Yangti snow mountain (overlooking) to see its mysterious style. After staying in the hotel, guests can enjoy the traditional open-air hot spring experience of Hokkaido. In the morning, afternoon and evening, Sun Palace hot spring hotel or the same level Four Otaru fishing port, Otaru canal red brick warehouse group, Crystal Music City, Sapporo, shijitai, Daoting, Datong Park, ramen hengting, and lixiaodao shopping street. After breakfast (about 2 hours drive), visit Otaru fishing port, Otaru canal red brick warehouse group, and Crystal Music City (about 15 minutes stop), Crystal Music City (stop for 1 hour), then take a bus to Sapporo (drive for 1 hour and 20 minutes). After arriving, visit shijitai, Daoting, Datong Park (stop for 15 minutes), ramen hengting (stay for 30 minutes) and lixiaodao shopping street (stay for 40 minutes). In the morning, afternoon and evening, fruit Kingdom hot spring hotel or the same level five Sapporo Q Tokyo - Hekou Lake red leaf Festival (enjoy the red leaves from October 31 to November 23, depending on the weather) ~ Fuji Mountain wuhaimu (weather and traffic conditions permit) ~ Pinghe Park ~ Sheri white tower ~ Ginza ~ Huangju waiyuan erchongqiao ~ Shinjuku Kabuki Town, and then go to Mount Fuji (depending on weather and traffic conditions) (about 2 hours' drive, 20 minutes' tour) provides a close view of the majestic scenery of Mount Fuji. After that, we will go to Pinghe Park, which has the characteristics of Japanese courtyard architecture, and visit the White Pagoda (50 minutes by car) and the red leaf memorial ceremony of Hekou lake. It's about 30 minutes' drive to huangqiaowaiyuan, Tokyo. After that, go to the busy street of Ginza (about 1 hour's stay), where there are many famous department stores, such as toy museum, blue label, Shiseido building, etc. Finally, go to Kabuki town in Shinjuku, which is the largest red light district in Tokyo. Morning, afternoon and evening, Sheraton or Okura or Tokyo Disneyland or ocean world, If you don't want to participate, you can return RMB 350 / person) ~ Guanyin Temple in leimen, Asakusa ~ zhongjianshi store street ~ Electric City ~ Tokyo Bay Cruise Ship (including ticket) ~ Taichang ~ Toyota Motor hall ~ Fuji TV station square ~ overlooking rainbow bridge and Tokyo Iron Tower. After breakfast, you can take a bus (about 30 minutes) to Guanyin Temple in leimen, Asakusa And zhongjianshi Store Street (about 1 hour), then go to Electrical City (about 50 minutes), then go to Taichang Tokyo Bay Cruise Ship (including tickets) ~ Toyota Motor Hall (about 40 minutes) ~ Fuji TV station square (via) ~ overlooking rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Disneyland (about 4 hours) morning, afternoon and evening, Narita Hilton or equivalent 7 Tokyo Narita Airport Q Hong Kong (about 3.5 hours) after breakfast, take the hotel special bus to Tokyo Narita Airport, take the luxury direct flight back to Hong Kong airport, then break up, and end the happy journey! Note: 1. Children's charge: no bed under 11 years old is 10% off; bed above 12 years old is 9.5% off and must be adult. 2. The tour fee includes: international section economy class air ticket and airport tax, fuel surcharge, team travel visa fee, overseas section reception, Shenzhen gateway / Hong Kong airport transportation. 3. Tour fee does not include: self funded items, Japanese tour guide tip, the whole journey RMB 350 / person, the same price; 4. Self provided visa minus RMB 200 / person In case of non entry, all tour fees are non refundable, and non Chinese passport holders are required to charge additional fare: RMB 500 per person. 5. If the visa is refused due to the false information of the guest, a total of RMB 1 will be charged, 6. The company reserves the right to adjust the specific itinerary appropriately. If the guests need to cancel the items (scenic spots, meals, etc.) included in the itinerary, they will give up the processing automatically without refund of any fees; 7. The date of submitting the information and visa: 10 working days before the tour, full professional Cantonese tour guide; 8. Japanese hotels do not hang star signs, and the star standard of Japanese hotels is different from that of Chinese hotels, which shall be subject to the local standards in Japan and can not be compared; Japanese hot spring hotels do not set stars, and mainly provide Japanese style rooms. 9. Please submit the visa information 10 working days in advance and charge RMB 50000 cash guarantee according to the information. If the number of participants is not enough on the planned departure date, the travel agency will inform the tourists as soon as possible and negotiate the departure date, and the expenses will be refunded and supplemented according to the actual departure date. If the negotiation fails, the club will return all the fees paid by the guests without any additional compensation. Without reducing the standard of scenic spots and meals, the above reference itinerary will be adjusted according to the local weather and actual situation. Morning - warm home

Recommend some good tourist attractions

Recommend some good tourist attractions

Hainan is an island easy to fall in love with, because of its tranquility, sunshine, sand beach, sea water, pleasant air, everything seems to have nothing to do with the season, still like graceful green coconut trees, natural hot springs and tropical rainforests, and the charming sea Talking about Hainan reminds people of the sunshine, sea, sand beach and coconut trees there. Hainan's sunshine is hot, even in winter is warm; Hainan's sea is colorful. It reflects the gorgeous coral and fish on the sea floor; the beach in Hainan is white and delicate, like a girl's skin; the coconut in Hainan is cool and sweet, refreshing. Hainan has a vast tropical primitive rainforest. Countless exotic flowers and fruits grow in the dense forest, inhabiting a variety of tropical rare animals. Hiking in the forest is the favorite of outdoor donkeys who are tired of urban civilization. Diving sightseeing is the most attractive marine leisure activity in Hainan, where human curiosity and exploration spirit are perfectly reflected. There are different types of hot spring resources in all parts of Hainan, and hot spring has become a necessary travel enjoyment in the eyes of many tourists. Hainan Island has more than a dozen golf courses of various types, which not only attract a large number of tourists from South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries, but also quickly become a fashion pursued by the domestic ordinary property class. Li people, returned overseas Chinese, Dan people, old streets, ancient villages, folk houses, and honest folk festivals are all other original cultures that people living in the hinterland of the mainland have never touched. Do you want to travel differently? Hainan is your best choice

Which tourist scenic spot is good in Korea?

Which tourist scenic spot is good in Korea?

"If Jeju island does not look carefully, it can not be seen." Just arrived in the south of Korea and Jiangsu Province of China at the same latitude of this tourist destination, the host is not a modest word, raised our curiosity. After leaving Jizhou International Airport, the island is short of tropical scenery, flowers and flowers. The buildings and residents are familiar with each other. What you see and hear seems to be able to meet the above words of the owner. But 1845 square meters... The ice and snow world Shanjing lake can keep the ice and snow of mountain well Lake in the "ice and snow world in the mountain" in Jingji road every year until the end of February. Tourists can enjoy the fun of "ice and snow kingdom" here. Shanjinghu is on Mingsheng mountain (923M). According to legend, in the post Three Kingdoms era, which was dominated by heroes and heroes 1000 years ago, bow descendants were chased by Wang Jian's soldiers, and fled into Mingsheng mountain in tears to save their lives. Shanjing lake is a personal industrial lake with an area of 30 cm, which is a reservoir built to solve agricultural water use. Shanjing Lake... Beautiful sea Jianghua Island Jianghua island is about 50 kilometers away from Seoul, and about 1 km across the Strait. There are many historic sites on the island, and the natural scenery such as sunset in the West Sea and winter migratory birds, the Gaoli Palace site, Jianghua mountain city, jianghuazhi stone tomb, chuandeng temple, Mani mountain tourist site, etc., are all amazing. The main landscapes of Jianghua island are: Mount mani and Jiancheng altar are 469 meters above sea level. There are stone cut City altar related to the tanjun myth (the founding myth) on the top of the mountain. Every day, the sacrificial ceremony is held. All of the beautiful Han River Park Hanjiang Park runs through the center of Seoul, flowing slowly from east to west. The Olympic road along the Han River is about 40 kilometers, along which there are parks, fishing grounds, cruise docks, water gymnasiums, Olympic related facilities, etc., which are the places for citizens to rest. People can take yachts, motorboats, cruise boats, fishing, and enjoy leisure and entertainment. On the wide lawn of the park, kite conferences and other colorful celebrations are held in different seasons. Here, it can not only be eliminated... Sightseeing was built 1300 years ago in Fuyu, the most prosperous ancient capital of the six generations of the baiji era, which was the birthplace of cultural and artistic flowers. With the passing of Baima River and the solemn and majestic Baiji tower, all the tourists here have a peaceful feeling of peace of mind. In this beautiful ancient city, there are prosperous scenes of the peaceful times, the baiji golden copper incense stove and Dinglin Temple site 5 floors, which were made of the efforts and soul of the artists at that time... The open east China sea bathing place of Luoshan is located between XueYue mountain and the East China Sea, so as to see the sunrise and hear the name. There are the first Luoshan Temple of eight views in Guandong, the prehistoric sites and important cultural relics of Wushan, five color mineral water and hot springs, the magnificent snow mountain daqingfeng and Qiyan scenery, the river Zhao Tai where he Lun and Zhao Jun stayed, and the clean bathing beach. The natural environment here is well protected and free from pollution. Luoshan East China Sea is a picturesque snow scene on snow mountain. It stretches its magnificent posture. Its scenery is winter... The east coast of the east coast is a favorite summer resort for Korean people. The east coast has a winding coastline, and there are not many islands. Along the winding coastline, it is an endless and pure beach, which is reflected by the grotesque peaks, and has many first-class bathing places. The waterfalls, caves, hot springs, beaches, national parks and fishing villages in natural harbor on the east coast are wide and beautiful. They can be called the representative tourist attractions in South Korea. Jingputai is a charming scenery. It is the eight views of Guandong. It is also a fantasy snow mountain snow mountain. Snow Yue mountain is located in the junction of linghoo County, Xiangyang County, Zhucao city and Gucheng County in Jiangyuan road. In South Korea, it is the third mountain (1708m) after Hannah mountain (1950 m) and Zhiyi mountain (1915 m). Snow mountain means "snow and mountain". In autumn, maple leaves can be seen in the mountains. In winter, tourists are constantly coming, which is called a resort for sports enthusiasts to ski. Snow mountain is divided into two parts: North and south, divided by dinosaur mountain, called inner snow mountain and outer snow... A good place to rest - jinape mountain is located on the upper Sichuan mountain 61 on the Weichuan side of Yuchang Prefecture, South Qingshang Road, and is the branch of Sichuan reed Yu mountain on the Weichuan side. The natural forest of jinape mountain at the foot of the mountain on the east side of jinape is bounded by the north of the northwest of Juchang county. It is said that golden monkey in ancient mountains was sneaking. A Taoist captured it and hid it under the rock. This rock is called the golden ape rock, which is on the mountainside of the golden ape mountain. There are artificial forests and natural forests such as larch in jinape mountain. In particular, it is said that the Confucian hall, which is read by Confucianism, is located in the hall of Confucianism... The mysterious five six Island, Wuliu Island, is composed of five rock islands, located in the South China Sea of Busan, which is the only crossing for ships entering and leaving Busan Port, and it is the mascot of Busan Port. "Five six islands are five islands, and then six islands / cloudy days are oneortwo islands, sunny days are five or six islands / when it is sunny, I don't know how many islands..." this lyrics shows the mystery of the island. As its name implies, the five islands sometimes become six islands of mystery. In fact, the island of May 6 is from two plastic islands and Eagle island... Leisure sea National Park from Leishan island in the west end of Busan to Lishui in the south. The shore C is serrated, and the beautiful landscape is dazzling. Calm as mirror, blue as blue, boundless sea, spread over numerous islands and cliffs, forming a natural screen, the most suitable for boat tour. The "angel" boat in water runs between the islands from Busan to Lishui, much faster than land. Along the way, it passes through Zhongwu with rich historical relics and 3000 Pu famous for "the island of crane". Tourists... Buddhist treasures: the ancient caves, hidden Sakya and the Buddhist temple, as the Grottoes and nunnery registered with world cultural heritage, were founded in 751 A.D, It was built by the prime minister jindacheng in order to mourn his parents, and was the subsidiary building of the stone Buddha Temple. There are no temples in the grottoes and temples. Only the man-made Grottoes discovered in Houshan in 1909 are preserved. The great masterpiece in the history of Buddhist Art: Sakya Ru Lai sitting, with a peaceful face. The granite round table is carved with up to 3.... the most fashionable? Alkyne? Naejangsan, located on xingquanluo South Road, North quanluo Road, is a big spot for Fengfeng in southwest Korea. To go to neizang mountain, it takes an hour to take a direct bus from the government of the kyquanluo North Road in Chonju. Or take a high-speed bus to Jingzhou and then transfer from Jingzhou to neizang mountain in Seoul, which takes about three hours and forty minutes. The inner Tibetan mountain, which is 763 meters above sea level, is connected by 14 beautiful peaks and layers. The sand dunes on the sea in the head of God Shentouli's "desert" is located far north of Zhongnan Tai'an County, with a total area of 3.84 million square meters (3.2km long and 1.2 km wide). It is the largest dune area in South Korea and a very ideal leisure tourist destination. In addition, the unique landscape of the winter sea will make tourists enjoy the joy of romance and observation of nature at the same time. There are verdant pine forests and dense weeds, which are similar to other bathing places. Only looking at the dunes in the direction of the mountains, like artificial sand piling... The beloved of the sea, Tai'an Peninsula, is located in the west end of Zhongqing South Road. It can be arrived through the Xihai bridge, and it is a place to enjoy the sea in winter. Baisha resort, with a length of 4.5km, includes "wanlipu" and "qianlipu", bailipu and "billi" bathing beach which can hear its name and hear its waves. Tai'an Peninsula has a huge tooth. The National Park Resort, even in the cold wind season, people come here to enjoy the romance of the winter sea. Lianpu, in the island on the way to Anxing Town, is a famous temple of national treasure Songguang temple, which is located in the jungle of Caoxi mountain. It has a long history and many famous monks. Among the three famous temples in South Korea, the atmosphere is the most peaceful. It is famous for cultivating 16 national masters in the Three Kingdoms period. Up to now, there are still quite a lot of monks including foreigners. The temple was rebuilt and expanded in the early 12th century. The famous scenery of the temple includes Sanqing bridge hanging above the Qingliu and the stone well behind the Daxiong hall. In addition, there are a large number of national treasures from South Korea. Transportation: take bus from Guangzhou for about 1 hour 1... Dream Island - Jeju Island. Listen, you listen, it's sea girl laughing Jeju is a must - go place for South Korea. By 2001, it will become an international free city. Jeju Island, a black pearl of Northeast Asia, is known as "Oriental Hawaii", which is a Korean island proud of, and is also a rare island in the world. Jeju Island, lying in the southernmost end of the Korean Peninsula, lies in a stretch and leisure. It has 62 Islands (8 of which are inhabited), and is the largest island in the North Pacific Ocean in South Korea. The beautiful mountain monarch is a typical crater of Hannah mountain, about two kilometers in circumference, and the endless grassland and unique rare graves of Jizhou island are worth a tour. There are more than 420 temperate plants and alpine plants growing near the crater, which are of great academic value. Transportation: it takes about 40 minutes to take the bus to cross the first crossing line in Jeju. The strange ancient trees, roots and rocks formed by the stone garden, stone towers piled up with stones, etc., show 1500 items collected by individuals. With the theme of natural shape, it is divided into different categories, full of humorous furnishings, which fully shows the living style of Jizhou island and nature. It is amazing that it can not help but smile. Transportation: it takes about 20 minutes to take the first cross route in Jeju by bus. The most suitable for sightseeing is xiguipu Tu: Jeju special product - stone carving wengju is the largest and most beautiful island in South Korea. Located on the south-west coast of South Korea, there are numerous beautiful scenery. Jezhou island is 73km from east to west, 41km from north to south, oval in shape, with a total area of 1845 square kilometers, taking flight from Seoul for about an hour. The mountain of Hannah, which is formed by volcano, is located in the center of the island at an altitude of 1950m. There are mountains called "orum" formed by strange volcanoes everywhere. Laisu temple in Laisu temple, South Korea, is the place where the play will serve the princess mammoth. Address: Huiqiu, a monk in the Xinluo period, was built in 633 at shipuli Laisu temple, west of Jin, Fu'an Prefecture, north of the whole Luo Road. Later, it was rebuilt by monk Qing f in the 11th year (1633) of renzu of Li Dynasty. The existing Mahatma temple was built at that time. The area within 500 radius was designated as the cultural heritage conservation area in 1986, centered on the hall of Daxiong. A gate leads to Laisu Si Road... Jizhou Folk Village Museum in "Da Chang today", the Museum of Jizhou folk village, has been living in the government of Jizhou from the status of slave to "medical woman" until he returns to the palace. This story was taken at the Museum of folk village in Jizhou. The Museum of folk custom village in Jizhou saw the style of Jizhou island in the 19th century. Besides the traditional mountain village and fishing village, some local government buildings can be seen. Address: Jinzhou Daonan Jizhou County, surface surface surface surface surface, Shanli 40-1 Museum of Jizhou folk village is completed... South Korea Jizhou Jicai bathing beach is a coastal area for people in the play to walk with the characters minzhenghao when they are in exile. Shell powder dotted with the white sand beach, making the blue sea color more vivid, and the lush pine forest adds a beautiful look to this moving scene. The beach is located in the west of Hanlin city and connected with Hanlin park. White sand beach is full of shell powder, and there is a warm reception island on the front sea. The coastline is 9 kilometers long, and blue is everywhere. The shooting place of "Da Chang Jin": Korean folk village is just like most of the historical and ancient costume plays are shot in Korean folk village. Many scenes of dachangjin come from here. Korean folk village is a cultural place for different social classes such as Shi Nong industry and commerce. Korean folk village, which is a famous place for Korean and foreigners, reappears the life of the late Li Dynasty. Folk village covers an area of 300000 Ping (about 99 hectares), which vividly represents the culture and living side of different classes at that time... The travel palace of Huacheng city in South Korea is the venue for shooting the medical women during the cultivation period in TV series. In order to provide visitors with vivid experience of visiting Huacheng, the guard ceremony of the palace guard will be held every Sunday from 2 to 3 p.m. The palace of Huacheng is the former king's refuge and temporary residence in the war. The palace of Huacheng is the largest and earliest palace in Korea, which is used by Wang of future generations. Due to the damage caused by Japanese aggression, it is currently under repair. It is estimated that Pusan has Shu Island, the main scenic spot in South Korea (habitat of waiting Island): located in the lower reaches of Luodong River and is the paradise of waiting island. The scenery of Shudao in winter is particularly beautiful. Zaga Market: the largest wholesale market for fish and shellfish in South Korea. Known for selling fresh fish and shellfish, the market is booming day and night, reflecting the vitality of Busan, a coastal city. Taizong Tai: a park on the promontory of the beach at the southeast end of Ying island. In front of it is the symbol of the sea and Busan - May 6 island. Wuliu island is regarded as five islands for its time. Sometimes, it is also the main scenic spot in Korea - Jingfu palace in Seoul: after the capital of Han City (Hanyang) was built by Li Chenggui, the Korean Dynasty's great ancestor, the Imperial Palace was built under the mountain of Beiyue. The lotus pond of the artificial lake in the palace is equipped with a festival building and a fragrant Pavilion. Changde Palace: Changde palace is designated as No. 122 historical record. It is built according to the mountain topography, and is integrated with nature. It is the other palace of the ancient emperor, and adjacent to the Changqing palace. Changqing Palace: Changqing palace is the third largest palace in Korea, and is the fourth king of the Korean Dynasty Wang Shizong (created Korea... The main scenic spot in Korea - the third surname cave of Jeju Island: according to legend, three immortals were born in the cave, and married with the three princesses from other countries, forming a tribal state. Jizhou Folk Museum: here is the special customs and customs of Jizhou island and the relevant information of various folk ceremonies such as official wedding and funeral sacrifice. Wanzhangdong: it is a representative karst cave in Jizhou island. The cave is 13.4km deep, with karst rocks and stone pillars in the cave, and some animals and plants living in the cave. Its ecological research value is very high. The custom of city city... The main scenic spot in Korea -- Incheon

What places do you have to go when you travel to Hong Kong?

What places do you have to go when you travel to Hong Kong?

The top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (1): Taiping mountain Hong Kong's urban landscape is extremely unique. Hong Kong may be the most densely populated city with high-rise buildings in the world. In order to find the best place to see Hong Kong as an international metropolis, Mount Taiping, the highest point on Hong Kong Island, may be the most recommended place. It's also because there are millions of people's homes at the foot of Taiping mountain. At night, millions of people can see all the lights, just like thousands of Christmas trees full of light bulbs. There is no other night scene to compare with her. Eternality Hong Kong's top ten tourist attractions (2): the avenue of starlight is located between the Tsim Sha Tsui Space Museum and the Intercontinental Hotel. Reflected by the high buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour, the goddess of Hong Kong Film Awards witnesses the twinkling of stars. It symbolizes that Hong Kong, as the avenue of starlight of Hollywood in the East, is definitely a tourist attraction that can't be missed. In the evening, it's also a good place for the illusory color chanting Xiangjiang River and the laser water curtain performance. Eternal top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (3): Repulse Bay Repulse Bay not only has charming sunshine, ocean and beach, but also has colonial houses and elegant residential areas. Sunset, in the downtown quiet experience intoxicating dusk. Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park is not the world's largest aquarium, nor is it the world's largest amusement park. However, Hong Kong Ocean Park may be the happiest ocean theme park in the world. In addition to the interesting dolphin and sea lion performances, there are also more than 250 marine exhibition halls with more than 2000 fish groups. Like exciting friends, Panshan built by the sea of mobile games is absolutely not to play first excited. There are many open-air markets in cities all over the world, but there are some open-air markets in Hong Kong that are not available in other places, such as bird garden (specializing in pet birds), flower market (specializing in flower potted plants), goldfish Street (specializing in aquatic pets), jade market (specializing in jade), Temple Street (including fortune tellers and Cantonese opera performers) Night hawker market of drama, women's Street (specializing in popular fashion clothing accessories). In particular, the types of female ornaments are not found in many open-air markets. Stanley market is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (6): Wong Tai Sin Temple. Wong Tai Sin Temple is probably the most trusting temple in Hong Kong. The appearance of its red column, golden roof, blue lintel and yellow lattice can be regarded as a typical example of traditional Chinese temple architecture. Aberdeen Aberdeen is the gathering place of fishing boats in Hong Kong. Traditional fishing boats and modern high-rise buildings stand on the hillside nearby. The coexistence of two completely different scenery forms a strong contrast. In addition to the traditional Chinese style boat "treasure seafood boat", the beautiful Chinese fishing port is just around the corner. Eternality Hong Kong's top ten tourist attractions (8): Lantau Buddha and Baolian temple, the largest outdoor metal Buddha statue in the world, is also located on the top of the mountain. The momentum of Guzhong can only be understood through personal experience. Victoria Harbour is one of the world's top three night views. The cheapest way to view Victoria Harbour is to take the star ferry to travel between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. Star Ferry charges (upper): HK $2.2 eternity recommended routes: Tsim Sha Tsui < > > Central and Tsim Sha Tsui < > > Wanchai eternity top ten tourist attractions (10): Hong Kong Disneyland, Mandarin speaking Hong Kong Disneyland, the world's latest Disneyland,

How much does it cost to travel to Xiamen for 3 days?

 How much does it cost to travel to Xiamen for 3 days?

Staying and eating in Xiamen is about 300 per person a day, plus the toll will probably know how much it will cost you some money-saving tricks 1. Buy air tickets a few months in advance, so that the air tickets are cheaper (if farther away) If you want to), 2. You can choose youth hostels or family hotels, but the prices on Gulangyu Island are more expensive, and you can also choose economic chain hotels. 3. To eat, go to Zhongshan Road, etc. to find snacks (cheap, authentic) 4. Need to buy Xiamen specialties If you go home, it is recommended that you can buy from the gift network, authentic and easy to buy


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