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Monday, March 22, 2021

Group tour in Japan

Group tour in Japan

Shenzhen side with the group to Japan Tourism How much does it cost? "Tell me about the consumption there! Seven day luxury tour

Travel in Japan - 7-day luxury tour in Hokkaido, Honshu (Hong Kong round trip) the catering hotel - Q Kansai Airport, Osaka, Hong Kong (about 3 hours) will gather at the designated time and place, then fly To Kansai Airport, Osaka by luxury direct airliner, arrive at the evacuation Hotel and have a rest. - Kansai ana or Osaka City Park at the same level - Shinsaibashi shopping street - Shinkansen bullet train (including ticket) - Kyoto - Isetan prospect platform - Heian temple - Lanshan tuyue bridge enjoy red leaves (enjoy red leaves from mid November to late November) take a bus (about 1 hour's drive) to Osaka City Park Osaka City, which has a long history, was built in 1586 by Hideki Toyotomi. It is made of majestic stone walls. You can have a panoramic view of Osaka City by climbing the five storey and eight step Tianshou Pavilion. Go to shinsaiqiao shopping street (about 15 minutes by car) (about 60 minutes by stop). Shinsaiqiao shopping street is located in Asia and Japan. As the largest shopping area in Osaka, shinsaiqiao is crowded with many boutique houses and exclusive shops from morning to night, full of people and tourists. After lunch, take the Shinkansen bullet train experience (about 13 minutes) to the istan prospect platform in Kyoto (about 30 minutes). The istan prospect platform is located on the 11th floor of JR istan department store in Kyoto Station. It adopts open space design and consists of three separate elevators,.. Then go to the temple of peace (about 15 minutes by car) (stop for 10-20 minutes), the building is all made of mahogany, beautiful and magnificent. In front of the shrine stands the largest bird house in Japan, which is of great commemorative value. At the foot of Lanshan mountain in Kyoto, there is a bridge across dayanchuan River, which is called "moon crossing bridge". It is said that it is named because the curved moon is crossing the river. The piers of Du Yue bridge are made of steel, while the deck is made of wood, which is antique and harmonious with the natural landscape of Lanshan scenic area. Since the Heian Dynasty, Japanese nobles have used this area as a playground for outings and boating in the countryside. Cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn are so beautiful that people feel like going back in time. In the morning, afternoon and evening, Lijia royal or equivalent three Osaka Q Sapporo ~ dengbie ~ digaogu (enjoy red leaves in early October to mid October) ~ seafood market ~ Muran earth Cape ~ Youzhu volcano ~ Zhaohe new mountain ~ Yangti snow mountain ~ Dongye Lake ~ hot spring Osaka Q SAPPORO (flying 1 hour and 50 minutes) arrive, then go to dengbie ~ dengbie digaogu (30 minutes' drive, about 20 minutes' stay), Seafood market (about two hours by car). The seafood traded here are fresh products just caught. There are many kinds of seafood. Lunch (60 minutes) and then to the earth Cape of Muran (15 minutes tour), you can view the surrounding landscape from the earth Cape, so that we can appreciate the charm of nature. (about 60 minutes by car) Youzhu volcano is a very active volcano near Dongye lake, one of the few hot springs in Hokkaido. On the opposite side is another scenic spot in Muran, Showa shinyama (the two scenic spots are visited for about 40 minutes in total). Showa shinyama is located in zhuanggiao Town, Youzhu Prefecture, Hokkaido, Japan, belonging to Toya National Park, zhiwat. Take a bus to overlook the "Hokkaido little Fuji" Yangti snow mountain (overlooking) to see its mysterious style. After staying in the hotel, guests can enjoy the traditional open-air hot spring experience of Hokkaido. In the morning, afternoon and evening, Sun Palace hot spring hotel or the same level Four Otaru fishing port, Otaru canal red brick warehouse group, Crystal Music City, Sapporo, shijitai, Daoting, Datong Park, ramen hengting, and lixiaodao shopping street. After breakfast (about 2 hours drive), visit Otaru fishing port, Otaru canal red brick warehouse group, and Crystal Music City (about 15 minutes stop), Crystal Music City (stop for 1 hour), then take a bus to Sapporo (drive for 1 hour and 20 minutes). After arriving, visit shijitai, Daoting, Datong Park (stop for 15 minutes), ramen hengting (stay for 30 minutes) and lixiaodao shopping street (stay for 40 minutes). In the morning, afternoon and evening, fruit Kingdom hot spring hotel or the same level five Sapporo Q Tokyo - Hekou Lake red leaf Festival (enjoy the red leaves from October 31 to November 23, depending on the weather) ~ Fuji Mountain wuhaimu (weather and traffic conditions permit) ~ Pinghe Park ~ Sheri white tower ~ Ginza ~ Huangju waiyuan erchongqiao ~ Shinjuku Kabuki Town, and then go to Mount Fuji (depending on weather and traffic conditions) (about 2 hours' drive, 20 minutes' tour) provides a close view of the majestic scenery of Mount Fuji. After that, we will go to Pinghe Park, which has the characteristics of Japanese courtyard architecture, and visit the White Pagoda (50 minutes by car) and the red leaf memorial ceremony of Hekou lake. It's about 30 minutes' drive to huangqiaowaiyuan, Tokyo. After that, go to the busy street of Ginza (about 1 hour's stay), where there are many famous department stores, such as toy museum, blue label, Shiseido building, etc. Finally, go to Kabuki town in Shinjuku, which is the largest red light district in Tokyo. Morning, afternoon and evening, Sheraton or Okura or Tokyo Disneyland or ocean world, If you don't want to participate, you can return RMB 350 / person) ~ Guanyin Temple in leimen, Asakusa ~ zhongjianshi store street ~ Electric City ~ Tokyo Bay Cruise Ship (including ticket) ~ Taichang ~ Toyota Motor hall ~ Fuji TV station square ~ overlooking rainbow bridge and Tokyo Iron Tower. After breakfast, you can take a bus (about 30 minutes) to Guanyin Temple in leimen, Asakusa And zhongjianshi Store Street (about 1 hour), then go to Electrical City (about 50 minutes), then go to Taichang Tokyo Bay Cruise Ship (including tickets) ~ Toyota Motor Hall (about 40 minutes) ~ Fuji TV station square (via) ~ overlooking rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Disneyland (about 4 hours) morning, afternoon and evening, Narita Hilton or equivalent 7 Tokyo Narita Airport Q Hong Kong (about 3.5 hours) after breakfast, take the hotel special bus to Tokyo Narita Airport, take the luxury direct flight back to Hong Kong airport, then break up, and end the happy journey! Note: 1. Children's charge: no bed under 11 years old is 10% off; bed above 12 years old is 9.5% off and must be adult. 2. The tour fee includes: international section economy class air ticket and airport tax, fuel surcharge, team travel visa fee, overseas section reception, Shenzhen gateway / Hong Kong airport transportation. 3. Tour fee does not include: self funded items, Japanese tour guide tip, the whole journey RMB 350 / person, the same price; 4. Self provided visa minus RMB 200 / person In case of non entry, all tour fees are non refundable, and non Chinese passport holders are required to charge additional fare: RMB 500 per person. 5. If the visa is refused due to the false information of the guest, a total of RMB 1 will be charged, 6. The company reserves the right to adjust the specific itinerary appropriately. If the guests need to cancel the items (scenic spots, meals, etc.) included in the itinerary, they will give up the processing automatically without refund of any fees; 7. The date of submitting the information and visa: 10 working days before the tour, full professional Cantonese tour guide; 8. Japanese hotels do not hang star signs, and the star standard of Japanese hotels is different from that of Chinese hotels, which shall be subject to the local standards in Japan and can not be compared; Japanese hot spring hotels do not set stars, and mainly provide Japanese style rooms. 9. Please submit the visa information 10 working days in advance and charge RMB 50000 cash guarantee according to the information. If the number of participants is not enough on the planned departure date, the travel agency will inform the tourists as soon as possible and negotiate the departure date, and the expenses will be refunded and supplemented according to the actual departure date. If the negotiation fails, the club will return all the fees paid by the guests without any additional compensation. Without reducing the standard of scenic spots and meals, the above reference itinerary will be adjusted according to the local weather and actual situation. Morning - warm home

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