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Friday, March 26, 2021

How to choose travel vehicles in the United States?

How to choose travel vehicles in the United States?

In fact, the proportion of Americans traveling abroad is relatively small. They can't finish their domestic games and go abroad. It's a great thing to walk through 50 states in one lifetime.

The United States has a vast population and an area more than 200 times that of Taiwan. It takes at least 50 hours to drive from the east bank to the West Bank without sleep. Even by plane, you can't run away in four or five hours. It will take a day to take a domestic flight. Can we imagine being born in Taiwan, which is only a little bigger than a country with nose excrement? Travel in such a big country, the choice of action is particularly important. Generally speaking, there are four modes of transportation to choose from: plane, car, bus and train, but most of them are the former two. Which way is better depends on the time, money and the purpose of the trip.

If the journey is within 6 hours, driving is the most economical and convenient way.

If the driving time is about 6-12 hours, it's most embarrassing. It's tiring to drive for a long time, but it's a little cheaper. It takes at least 4-5 hours before and after the flight, and the cost is a little expensive, so it is difficult to choose.

If the journey is more than 12 hours, don't think about it. Please take a plane. Unless, you really have a lot of time, you care about the transportation cost. Otherwise, forget to drive. Don't forget, it takes at least 15-20 hours to set a 12 hour drive. You have to eat, go to the bathroom and even sleep. In addition, the cost of flying is not multiplied by the distance. That is to say, the distance is relatively long and not cost-effective. Moreover, many special time, special routes or low-cost airlines also have special tickets, which is very economical.

For example, it's three hours' drive from Portland to Seattle, 180 miles away. The fuel cost is about 20 yuan, but it costs more than 80 yuan by plane, and it doesn't save much time. It's a 10 hour drive from Portland to San Francisco. It's actually at least 12 hours. 650mi, about 80 yuan for gas, plus the depreciation of car maintenance, it's about the same as a 100 yuan air ticket. If it's Portland to New York, it's a big difference. It's 19 hours a day, and it's guaranteed to be three days and three nights. 3000mi, at least 300 yuan for fuel, plus the depreciation of car maintenance, there is no way to compare it with the cost of less than 200 yuan for air tickets in one day. In addition, special routes, San Francisco to Los Angeles, 6 hours by car, the actual at least eight hours. 400mi, about 50 yuan for fuel and 50 yuan for flying. Which one do you choose.

The above situation is to consider the situation of a person traveling. When more than two people travel, the situation is different. The cost of air ticket is one person x 1, two people x 2, n people x n. As for driving, as long as your car is crowded, the most you can do is pay more for gas. As for the detailed figures, I'll make an actuarial calculation myself.

If you have a partner who can take turns driving, driving all the way is a way to save money and have fun. Last year, I spent six or seven hours on short trips, not to mention two big self-help trips, which added up to more than 10000 miles. From the United States and China all the way north to Quebec and PEI in Canada, and back from Maine in the northeast, it's 5000 miles in 23 days. Another, from the United States and China to Yellowstone, and then to the president's head, is more than 5000 miles.

For buses, it is not recommended unless your itinerary is between big cities, and the area is very unfavorable for driving, or you can't drive and can't rent a car. For example, in the metropolises of East America, the mass rapid transit system is convenient, and the buses between cities are cheap and convenient. In this area, driving costs a lot of toll and parking is expensive and troublesome. Driving there is a broken head. In addition, the medium and long distance bus and the transfer in the middle will drive you crazy, and the cost will not be cheaper than flying. People who can drive will not consider it.

Finally, forget about the train. The ticket price is extremely expensive, and the number of flights and city spots are few and inconvenient. Unless you're a rich man with money and leisure and want to experience train travel. In America, trains are toys for the rich.

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