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Monday, March 22, 2021

It's fun to travel to Taiwan. What's the right season to go?

It's fun to travel to Taiwan. What's the right season to go?

Taipei 101 is located in Xinyi planning area, the most prosperous financial and trade district in Taipei. Its total height is 508 meters. At present, it is the second tallest skyscraper in the world. In terms of architectural style, Taipei 101 integrates oriental classical culture and Taiwan local characteristics, takes vigorous bamboo as its shape, and creates an endless impression through high-tech materials. In addition to the combination of securities, finance, corporate headquarters, industrial and commercial activities and entertainment, life, shopping, food and other purposes, it has become a new landmark in Taiwan. 2. The Palace Museum is located in the Forbidden City of Shuangxi, outside Taipei city. It has a collection of 650000 world-famous cultural treasures, most of which are collected by the royal family in the past. It covers the entire history of Chinese culture that has not been interrupted for more than 5000 years, and is unique in the history of world civilization. In particular, after the reconstruction was completed in February last year, digital learning space and diversified catering service facilities were added, cinemas and cultural stores were added. The memorial hall of Zhang Daqian next to the Forbidden City is rebuilt from his former residence. It collects many masterpieces and cultural relics. The clock on the inner wall of the hall stops at 8:15 a.m., which is set to commemorate the moment of Zhang Daqian's death. 3. Sun Moon Lake is located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, with an altitude of 760 meters. Its water source comes from the Hehuan mountain system in the upper reaches of the chuoshui river. It is a reservoir lake type scenic spot with an area of more than 100 square kilometers. It is 33 kilometers around the lake. The north half is shaped like a sun wheel, and the South half is shaped like a moon hook. During the Japanese occupation period, in order to generate electricity, the Japanese built a 15 kilometer long underground water channel to submerge many small hills beside a depression and form today's Sun Moon Lake, surrounded by mountains and water. As it is a living reservoir, it is not only difficult for algae to grow, but also has good transparency in water quality. It can also breed fresh and greasy Kojima, Qili and pond shrimp. Generally speaking, only when you can take a boat to the lake and get close to the lake, can you fully experience the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake in the morning and dusk. 4. Alishan is located in Alishan of Jiayi county. It is the holy mountain of the local Zou people. The sunrise and sea of clouds in Alishan are international tourist attractions. In recent years, international tourists have gradually noticed the value of the Alishan Forest Railway. As one of the three remaining alpine forest railways in the world, the Alishan railway was built in 1899, with a total length of 71.4 km. All the way from Jiayi, 30 meters above sea level, to Alishan station, 2216 meters high, through 49 tunnels and 77 bridges. Along the way, you can enjoy the changes of plant species in different forest zones, such as heat, warmth and temperature, as well as beautiful mountains and valleys. In particular, in order to accommodate the steep mountain shape on the way, Yushan has to spiral around the independent mountain for three times to reach the top of the mountain, and even zigzag forward. Sometimes the train has to drag forward and sometimes push back, so it is known as "hitting the wall". 5. Yushan, 3952 meters above sea level, is located in the central area of Taiwan, and is a key Mountain National Park in Taiwan. The area is of high mountains, majestic and magnificent, covering four counties of Nantou, Jiayi, Kaohsiung and Hualien, covering an area of more than 100000 hectares. In 1966, two mountain youths overcame all kinds of hardships and moved a bronze statue of Yu Youren, an old man of the Communist Party and a master of cursive script, to the top of Yushan Mountain and set it up. They realized the last words of "bury me on the high mountain and look at the mainland" before you Ren died. As a result, Yushan Mountain once reached the height of 4000 meters. In 1995, the head of Yu Youren's bronze statue was sawed off by an independent mountaineering group. As a result, Taiwan officials replaced it with a stone product symbolizing Yushan. Because the top of Yushan Mountain is the highest point in Taiwan, politicians in Taiwan often regard climbing Yushan Mountain as a highly symbolic journey. 6. The love river of Kaohsiung flows through the urban area of Kaohsiung, with a total length of about 16.4 kilometers. It is one of the main rivers in Kaohsiung. Yancheng area, where the love river flows, used to be an important international business and shipping town in southern Taiwan. However, due to industrial pollution and improper discharge of urban wastewater, the love river is notorious for its serious pollution. In recent years, the riverside park has become a good place for young people to take a walk and rest. It is also a Dragon Boat Festival and Lantern Festival Lantern Festival in southern Taiwan It's my stage. 7. Kenting is located on the south side of Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County, the southernmost tip of Taiwan. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Its development began in 1877. The Qing government's recruitment bureau raised a large number of strong men from Chaozhou, Guangdong Province to reclaim the wasteland, and it was named after this. Kenting is the only tropical area on Taiwan Island, with beautiful vegetation and coastal topography, a wide range of wild animals, and abundant activities in the surrounding sea area, including diving, windsurfing, banana boat, snorkeling. The underwater landscape is of the first class in the world. Therefore, it has attracted a large number of international tourists to visit here, and the streets of Kenting have unique exotic flavor and nightlife characteristics. 8. Across Hualien, Nantou and Taichung, Hualien Taroko is famous for its magnificent and nearly vertical Marble Canyon landscape. Walking along the gorge of Liwu River, you can see the cliffs, cliffs and canyons, as well as the continuous and tortuous caves, tunnels, Dali rocks and streams. Tailuge is surrounded by huge peaks, with a drop of 3742 meters, creating a complex layer of vegetation. In order to connect the East and west sides of Taiwan, in the 1950s, the Kuomintang led by Jiang Jingguo a large number of retired officers and soldiers to dig a very dangerous passage in the high mountains. It was the central cross road between the Taroko and the East and west of Taiwan. Taroko archway with Chinese flavor is the starting point of Zhongheng highway recognized by ordinary tourists, and it is also a popular scenic spot for photo taking.

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