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Monday, March 22, 2021

Recommend some good tourist attractions

Recommend some good tourist attractions

Hainan is an island easy to fall in love with, because of its tranquility, sunshine, sand beach, sea water, pleasant air, everything seems to have nothing to do with the season, still like graceful green coconut trees, natural hot springs and tropical rainforests, and the charming sea Talking about Hainan reminds people of the sunshine, sea, sand beach and coconut trees there. Hainan's sunshine is hot, even in winter is warm; Hainan's sea is colorful. It reflects the gorgeous coral and fish on the sea floor; the beach in Hainan is white and delicate, like a girl's skin; the coconut in Hainan is cool and sweet, refreshing. Hainan has a vast tropical primitive rainforest. Countless exotic flowers and fruits grow in the dense forest, inhabiting a variety of tropical rare animals. Hiking in the forest is the favorite of outdoor donkeys who are tired of urban civilization. Diving sightseeing is the most attractive marine leisure activity in Hainan, where human curiosity and exploration spirit are perfectly reflected. There are different types of hot spring resources in all parts of Hainan, and hot spring has become a necessary travel enjoyment in the eyes of many tourists. Hainan Island has more than a dozen golf courses of various types, which not only attract a large number of tourists from South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries, but also quickly become a fashion pursued by the domestic ordinary property class. Li people, returned overseas Chinese, Dan people, old streets, ancient villages, folk houses, and honest folk festivals are all other original cultures that people living in the hinterland of the mainland have never touched. Do you want to travel differently? Hainan is your best choice

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