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Monday, March 22, 2021

Tourism near Chengdu

Tourism near Chengdu

If you want to travel, you should have mountains and water for two days. Don't be too far away from Chengdu. It's better to have a bus route. I'm here. Thank you

Chengdu is located in the Chengdu Plain in the west of Sichuan Basin, commonly known as West Sichuan Bazi. Bazi tourism in Western Sichuan bears the brunt of ancient town tourism. In addition to Wuhou Temple, Qingyang palace and Dufu thatched cottage in Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town in Longquan is nearby. Most of the residents of Luodai are Hakkas, which is known as the first Hakka town in Western China. They enjoy Hakka folk customs and eat sad cold noodles!

In Anren ancient town of Dayi, there is the landlord manor of Liu Wencai, the big landlord, and Jianchuan Museum, the largest museum settlement in China.

Pingle Ancient Town in Qionglai, a simple folk custom in Western Sichuan, and an intangible cultural heritage, Zhuma chant, once sang the charm of happy Chinese travel in Qionglai. In addition, Qionglai itself is also worth visiting. There are wenjunjing Park, which records the love between Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun, and Linqiong ancient city, which is one of the four ancient cities in Bashu.

In addition, there are Ya'an Shangli ancient town, Hongya Liujiang ancient town and so on.

The west of Chengdu Plain is connected with Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with mountainous terrain and rich mountain landscape. Apart from Mt. Emei, the Buddhist kingdom, there are Tiantai Mountain where Dayu ascended to worship heaven, Siguniang mountain in the eastern Alps, Qingcheng Mountain, Wawu mountain, doutuan mountain, Bifeng gorge where Nuwa mended the sky, Pengzu mountain, the birthplace of health culture, and so on.

Others: Sansheng Flower Town, Baoguang temple, Guanghan Sanxingdui, Chengdu Happy Valley, Wenjiang guosetian Township, Meishan Sansu temple, Leshan Lingyun Buddha, Suining Daying Dead Sea, Jiangyou Libai hometown, Luojiang pangtong temple, etc. Further away, it's not around Chengdu. Have a good time!

Supplement: I can recommend a three-day trip to Pingle Ancient Town in Tiantai Mountain. It's an hour's drive from Chengdu Jinsha station to Qionglai via Cheng wenqiong. The fare is 20. (you can go to Qionglai from the north railway station, shiyangchang and Xinnanmen, but it's the old way of Shuangliu and Xinjin. It's slow to spit blood!)

After arriving at Qionglai, you can get a minibus to Pingle Ancient Town at the station. The fare is 5 yuan. Have fun in the afternoon after you get to Pingle town. There are many hotels in the town. You can always find a suitable place! Every summer, Pingle will hold a beer festival. You can also rent bamboo rafts to play on the Baimo river. Those bamboo rafts have roofs and mahjong tables on them. It's very good to play mahjong while enjoying tea!

The next day, you can take a bus to Tiantaishan town. After getting off the bus, you can go to the tourist center across the river to buy a ticket. The ticket is 40. Then you need to take the battery sightseeing bus to go up the mountain. It's a long distance to go up the mountain. It's necessary to take a bus. It's recommended to buy the whole journey 30. If you want to climb the mountain, you can take a bus to Xiaojiawan and go up the path. You can watch Changhong waterfall, Xiangshuitan waterfall and go back to Gongshan After the road, you can take a bus to Leiyin temple, which is the end of the sightseeing bus. Along the way, there are monk yamen, small mill, yixiantian, xiaojiuzhai and Jinlong cave. After arriving at Leiyin temple, if you still want to go to Shibali vanilla Valley and Butterfly Beach, you need to take another bus.

In the evening, you can live on Tiantai Mountain, or return to Qionglai city for lodging. In the evening, you can visit the ancient city of Linqiong. The pedestrian street of Qionglai has a unique flavor. Qionglai snacks are also unique. The proportion of beautiful women in Qionglai is much higher than that in Chengdu!! The next day, you can go to wenjunjing Park in the city to taste the millennium love between Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun! Then return to Chengdu. It costs more than 400 per person.

In fact, 500 yuan can go to many places, not only near Chengdu, but also far away, such as the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan. Well managed, it costs less than 500 yuan. You can see more self-help travel websites.

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