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Thursday, March 25, 2021

What are the famous tourist attractions in Japan?

What are the famous tourist attractions in Japan?

The famous Japanese scenic spots are mostly developed as national parks, which are managed and protected by the state. The scenic spots are beautiful and full of natural interest. The Ahan National Park in Hokkaido area - the park has elegant volcanoes and three volcanic lakes hidden in the original forest - Lake ahan, mozhou and quoblique road. Among them, the lake water transparency of Lake mozhou is very high, and it is often covered in layers of fog. Daxishan National Park - there are Xuyue, known as the "ridge of the North Sea Road", and the 24 km long cloud gorge sandwiched in the cliff of a thousand Ren. The feather clothes waterfall, which falls 250 meters, is the most powerful and the most popular in Hokkaido. Shihetian bafanping National Park, located at the junction of Qingsen, Yanshou and shanshape counties in the northeast, is divided into two scenic spots: shihetian Lake in the South and bafanping plateau in the north. Spring plateau of the green, autumn lake water such as fire Maple attracted a large number of tourists. The National Park of the land central coast, one of the most beautiful coastal parks in Japan, is also known as the "sea Alps". There are vertical cliffs up to 200 meters long in the park; there are strange reefs in the sea, among which candle rock and tidal blow hole are most famous; and the 25 km long Zhongru cave "Longquan cave". Matsushima - one of the three scenes of Japan. Located in Xiantai City, Miyagi County, it is named by numerous islands floating in the Bay full of pine and cypress. Most of the islands in Songdao Bay are eroded by sea water, forming many tunnels, arches and caves. The quiet blue sea is dotted with green islands, which makes people feel like the fairyland. Pan Ti Chaori National Park - located between Fukushima county and mountain shaped immortals. In 1888, the panti mountain erupted. On the plateau formed by volcanic ash accumulation, many bright mirror lakes were formed, among which five color marshes and pig Miao Lake were the most famous, and they were famous summer resort in Northeast China. Shangxinyue plateau National Park, located at the junction of Changye, Qun Ma and Xinxie. The light well Ze in China is the most famous summer resort in Japan. Ten thousand hot springs and caozin hot springs are famous hot springs in Japan. Shimizhan is also one of the most famous active volcanoes in Japan, which is smoking all year round. Guandong sunshine National Park - the main attractions are concentrated in Qimu county. There are Huayan falls, which fall 99 meters, which is one of the three falls in Japan. Other famous falls, such as fog drop falls, are also famous for sun. Zhongchan Temple Lake is another famous scenic spot of sunlight. It is a representative mountain lake in Japan, and is a famous place for fishing in summer and maple watching in autumn. Dongzhao palace is also worth seeing, integrating the characteristics of the shrine and Buddhist temple. The tail Laise scenic spot in the west of the park is located at the junction of qunma, Fukushima and Xinxie county. It is a famous swamp in Japan. It is full of flowers in spring, green in summer and light in autumn. The Suu plateau is a famous summer resort. Fuji box root ITO National Park - located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamaguchi and jingoka, three counties. There are Fuji Five Lakes, the highest peak in Japan, and the magnificent Fuji lake at the foot of the mountain. The beautiful coast and magnificent Pacific scenery of the Yidou Peninsula attract countless tourists all the year round. The nearest box root from Tokyo is a good place to spread policies, ascend and appreciate maple. There are many famous hot springs in the park, such as the hot spring of soil fertilizer, Xiushan Temple hot spring and Tiancheng hot spring. Fuji mountain, located at the junction of Yamaguchi and jingoka, is the highest peak in Japan. Like cherry blossom, it is a symbol of Japan. Since ancient times, as a holy mountain, it has been admired by the Japanese. Except in winter, there are endless climbers. Central Mountain National Park in the central region - the main scenic spots are concentrated in Fushan County, and some are in Changye County, Xinxie county and Qifu county. Among them, the most famous mountain with a large number of 3 thousand meters peak. The Black Canyon is the deepest Grand Canyon in Japan, with spectacular scenery. You can take a mini tram. Hepaozhipu, hekeshan County, Guanxi District, is one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Japan. The Kii Peninsula has white sand beaches and strange reefs and the largest rain falls in Japan. China's Shanyin Coast National Park - located between Kyoto, Hyogo and bird picking, the most famous attractions are bird picking dunes and the Pufu coast. The sand dunes of birds, which are 16 kilometers long from east to west and 2 km wide from north to south, are the largest in Japan, and the best place to watch the sun and enjoy the sunset. The Pufu coast is called "the shady Pine Island" because of its white beach and verdant pine and cypress. Miyagi - officially named "Yan Dao", located in the sea of Laihu in Hiroshima, it is one of the three scenes of Japan. There are shrine built on the sea, and the island has the famous Red Leaf Valley Park and Mt. Mi which can be seen from the high. Jiuzhou District, the National Park of the jiuzhong of the ASU -- between XiongBen county and Dabing county. There are nine mountains, composed of active and dead volcanoes, and the largest crater in the world, where smoke is often thick. The foot of jiuchongshan is a rich ranch. Okinawa Coast National Park - a park for swimming, diving, fishing and other sea sports. The sea water in this area presents different colors due to the different water depth. Famous beaches include Moon Beach, 10000 beaches with various entertainment facilities and white sand and coral magnificent inter Olympic beach.

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