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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What are the top 10 travel resorts in the world?

What are the top 10 travel resorts in the world?

Sidibuaid, the most beautiful and romantic town in North Africa, is located 20 kilometers north of Tunis and on the South Bank of the Mediterranean Sea. In the middle ages, Spanish aborigines who avoided religious persecution crossed the Mediterranean from the Iberian Peninsula and fled to this cliff town, where they settled down. At that time, people should not have expected that the former refuge for hasty escape is now one of the top ten romantic towns in the world. The city is full of Andalusian style white houses and blue windows, and the city is full of clove petals. On its high cliff, you can easily see the light green and tender sea. Meandering along the stone road with Turquoise light, you will see white castles and white flat roofed houses, high and low, scattered into a fairy tale posture. Curious to ask every passer-by Tunisian on the street, he will tell you with a smile why they like to depict blue windows, doors, eaves and pillars on white houses? The blue and white everywhere reminds people of Greece on the Aegean coast, but the blue and white tone should be more dignified, which is more casual, and the plain life is full of indifference. The open-air cafe on the Hilltop of Sidi bousade is the best viewing platform. Sitting on a bench leisurely, drinking a cup of rich Arabian coffee, or mint tea with fragrant smell, looking at the distant scenery, and then looking at the people around you, you will feel: life has nothing else to ask for. Basque countryside Basque countryside is placed in the north of Spain by God, and quietly draws the eyes of the world with its mysterious role. There, native Basques still maintain the oldest way of life. Experts have yet to figure out where they originated and what language family Basque belongs to. The only valid information we know is that in the insurmountable mountains and forests, the Basque nation existed in isolation for hundreds of years, and it was not until around the 12th century that it was included in the territory of castilia. It is made up of three provinces: gypcoa, shengweizkaya and Arawa, with dense woods and lush pastures, long valleys and swift streams, just like the fairyland outlined by landscape painters. As early as the beginning of last century, Chinese people witnessed its beautiful scenery. This man is Kang Youwei. It is said that he once wrote a poem: "the pavilion flag is covered, and the golden axe is criticized.". The river flows to the bottom, and the Yellow River is narrow. Strong posture as beauty, Rong Hua depends on the end of the sky. I don't know the color of hengdai, but I'm quite aware of Tailu. " Basque's beauty is admirable, especially the dazzling "Painted Forest" (in OMA District). It's a personal show by artist agrestin. Every few months, this unusual painter would come here and paint different patterns on the woods in Basque province. What needs to be added is that the Basque area is also one of the best food areas in Spain. Provence, in the south of France, has kept her secret carefully since its birth, until the arrival of the Englishman Peter Meyer. In Mel's works, "Provence" is no longer a simple geographical name, but also represents a simple and carefree, relaxed and lazy way of life; a carefree mood of watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; a carefree mood of looking at the sky with no intention of staying or going. Nowadays, millions of people flock to Provence and the blue coast of southern France every year to see the scenery that is hard to describe in the picture books and the incredible leisure in the novels. If you travel to get rid of the shackles of life, Provence will make you forget everything. The best time of the year in Provence is summer. The sky is blue and transparent. The air is like fresh iced lemonade. If there is a clear spring in the bottom of my heart, I want to sing. Lavender all over the mountains makes people ecstatic. There are deep purple and light blue flowers on bicycles, cattle heads and girls' skirts. The whole valley is filled with the fragrance of ripe grass. The fields were lined up with lavender and sunflowers. There was an apple tree on the side of the field. Not far away were several small brick houses with yellow walls and blue wooden windows. The sunlight sprinkles on the lavender bouquet, is one kind of Pan blue purple golden luster. Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Chagall and other great painters were infused with a new sense of art by Provence; American writer Fitzgerald, British writer D.H. Lawrence, French writer Huxley, German poet Nietzsche and others also made pilgrimages. Among the pilgrims was Peter Mayer, who pushed Provence to the top with his mountain dwelling years. The northern Alps is located in the Alps in the south of Germany. It starts from the forest road on the East Bank of Baden lake at the junction of Germany and Switzerland in the West and extends to the mountain towns on the border of Germany and Austria, about 300 kilometers. Around this winding mountain range, it seems that there was a treasure robber who ran away in a hurry with a big hole cloth bag. After walking around, he also scattered a lot of jewelry. For example, small town forest road, or rather, it is an island on the lake. On the island, you can find all kinds of Renaissance style old houses. Their outer walls are covered with white pine bark, under the eaves are smoked bacon, the backyard is piled with neat firewood, and the windowsill is crowded with pink and dark green flowers. Outside the house is a cobblestone paved street. Walking on the street, you can see the church bell tower with onion shaped roof, which is full of ancient flavor. Fifty kilometers east of Lindau, Oberstdorf is the most famous mountain climbing and skiing resort in the German Alps. Standing at the top of its nebelhorn peak, as long as the weather is clear enough, you can see at least 400 peaks in the Alps. It's the largest and most magnificent mountain range in Europe. The endless mountains, topped with white peaks, glittered with gold in the sun. Eyes back, foot is the grass green hills and boundless flowers. The ridges, woods and hills seem to be practicing yoga, and each of them has a very long body; the unknown lakes and rivers, like the tears hanging from the corners of a child's eyes, are blue like a clear sky, and the shadows of snow mountains are rippling; the wild flowers such as reed grass and dandelion are comfortably and neatly surrounded the lake like a mirror. In the small town, a shady path is covered by big umbrella like old trees. Along the road, you will find a road sign, which says: walk slowly and enjoy Tahiti. In 1716, the British fleet unexpectedly discovered Tahiti, a paradise with flowers and fragrance. They could not think of a better name, so they had to define it with such a popular metaphor as "fairyland on the sea". Time flies by, and things change. Tahiti has no relationship with its original discoverer, and has become the largest island among the five islands of French Polynesia. However, the scenery of the past is still dazzling beyond the general rule of "the vicissitudes of life, the beautiful scenery of the day". Tahiti is an island with a total area of about 1000 square meters. In the northeast of New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, it looks like a fish from the sky. Therefore, people call the section of fish head and body "Tahiti", and the end of fish tail "little Tahiti". Tahiti is another name of Tahiti. We seem to be more familiar with it because of a man named Gauguin and his life there. "The moon and Sixpence" says that Gauguin abandons everything and comes to this island regardless of everything, and then draws the girl in the picture. Tahiti girls sit opposite each other, and the plain little hairpin sends out fragrance quietly. This kind of life is 12 years. Because of the geographical location of the South Pacific island, it is warm and rich in products all the year round. People who have nothing to worry about often look at the sea with nothing to do and meditate in the distance. This kind of melancholy or leisurely state usually lasts for the whole afternoon. Then it's sunset, then it's dawn. The sun comes with the wind from the Pacific Ocean, and the color of the sea also changes from deep to clear. They call themselves "people of God," and we call that "the place closest to heaven.". As the last stronghold of the ice age, the beauty of the Highlands is elusive. The boundless highlands are not as endless as the forests of northern Europe, nor are they dead deserts, but are covered by low green grass and mosses that gently fluctuate. The low, sparse vegetation grew desolately, not like the green of England. Exposed rocks and clear air remind you that this is the plateau on the island. Even in summer, when the field is covered with a kind of purple flowers called broom Heather, the earth lacks a kind of vitality. That kind of boundless purple appears too dazzling and stubborn, different from the brilliant mountain flowers, but a kind of nearly desperate bloom. This is a lonely land, which was regarded as a wild land many years ago. No matter how magnificent and beautiful the scenery is, it can not replace the barrenness of the land. The stubborn Scots are defending the land, struggling to survive in the face of the conquest and contempt of a stronger nation. In ancient Roman writing, Scotland is called "Caledonia". "Oh, Caledonia! Stubborn and desolate. Need to take care of this poetic child! This place is only brown wasteland, messy clumps, this place is only high mountains, flooding water This is the description of the famous Scottish poet Scott. If the inundated water is included in the Loch Ness where there are water monsters, then the arbitrary waterfalls, mountain springs, streams, and lakes all seem to be able to pass in one stroke. It is said that Loch Ness, which is haunted by monsters, is on the outskirts of the small town of Inverness. People come in droves to see the monsters. Later, an investigation showed that it was just a false alarm. Petra is in Jordan. If you tell the local people that you are going to visit the famous Dead Sea, the Jordanian look is calm. But when he knows that you are going to Petra, he will be in high spirits, with pride on his face, and with the special crafty eyes of Arabs, he says, "tell me what you feel when you see the treasure house of the Pharaoh." The ancient city of Petra, hidden in the mountains between the dead sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, has a history of more than 2600 years. The name of the city comes from the Greek "rock", because the whole city is carved from the cliffs. The setting sun of the sun has dyed the ancient city into a gorgeous rose color, and the rose red wall has witnessed the whole history. When the treasure house of the pharaoh is open to you, there is only surprise and shock, and no language can explain that feeling. The precipitous and deep canyons, the magnificent ancient buildings and the summit of strange stones and monsters that suddenly come from the desert take away your perception. And Petra's legendary history makes people unable to clear up their ups and downs. In prehistoric times, Petra was a city founded by the desert caravan of the Nantai people and a transportation fortress between Arabia, Egypt and Phoenicia in Syria. In the heyday of the Roman Empire, it was the best provincial capital in the east of Rome, but then declined for a long time. In the Beckett era, few tourists visited the place except Bedouin, a nomadic people in the Arabian desert. It flourished for a while, then disappeared and remained silent for a thousand years until it was rediscovered in 1812. The temple of DEI is still there, 130 feet high and 100 feet wide. Its towering pillars are carved in the sand and stone walls. The sunlight hits its body, emitting three layers of soft light: pink, red, orange and crimson, with yellow, white and purple stripes. It's like a beautiful dream that just ended. Seychelles the Seychelles consists of 92 islands. There are only two seasons in a year - hot season and cool season. There is no winter. It's a huge natural botanical garden, with more than 500 kinds of plants, of which more than 80 can't be found anywhere else in the world. Each island has its own characteristics. Aldabra island is also a famous Turtle Island, where tens of thousands of big turtles live. Fregat island is a "world of insects"; kongsen island is a "Bird Paradise"; IgE island is rich in all kinds of colorful shells? Blue sky, clear water, sunshine, sand Beach, sea breeze? Everything a beautiful island country should have, There are not only all of them, but also more. So in Seychelles, you get greedy. Because of the fragrance of Gardenia in the air, even the simplest breathing has become enjoyment. The plants here are super large, lush with a bit of unbridled, color is rich, such as Gauguin's painting. The pine pagoda is as big as Hami tukugua. The leaves of carefree grass grow more than a foot wide. The huge coconut tree slants in front of the window. Behind the tall Fusang tree, the tall phoenix tukugua tree is so red that it almost covers half of the sky. In the meantime, you will feel that the vibrant flowers and plants are the real masters of the island, and people are just the embellishments. Their national treasure is a kind of exotic fruit called sea coconut. If foreign tourists want to take it out of the country, they need to hold a license from the local government. Kathmandu Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, which means "Temple of single trees". It is said that this was once a vast lake. One day, Manjusri came here, slashed the Bank of the lake with his sword, dried a lake of water, and the original lake became a valley. There are more than 2700 temples. So many temples are old and dignified. They live at an altitude of 1370 meters. Time is here, and they almost forget to March. The streets and alleys are full of Hindu shrines with wisps of smoke; the great insight of Bona Buddha pagoda overlooking all living beings is thousands of years; the believers in front of the Hindu temple of NAPAs patina are still worshiping devoutly; there is also an open crematorium leading to the paradise of the Buddha; there is also an open crematorium in front of the Hindu temple of NAPAs patina; British Virgin Islands the British Virgin Islands, like a willow eyebrow, separate the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Located 60 km east of Puerto Rico and 180 km northwest of indiga, are part of the Antilles. Columbus first discovered it in 1493. In this world-class tourist destination, there are no luxury hotels or nightclubs that we are used to, no neon flashes and night music, and even a sign is hard to see. People on the island live in the most simple and natural way. Nature breeds all things, and the wisdom of the Vikings lies in their efforts to maintain this beauty. Environmental protection is the first priority of the island, and the government even legislates to protect marine life. The return of nature is clear sea water, fresh air and rich fish.

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