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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What is the place suitable for tourism?

What is the place suitable for tourism?

Lu Jihong recommends the following five grade a scenic spots and scenic spots, each province has Oh, ha ha! Beijing: Palace Museum, Tiantan Park, summer palace and Badaling Great Wall. Tianjin: Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street Tourist Area (hometown of Jinmen), Tianjin Panshan scenic spot. Hebei: Shanhaiguan scenic spot, Anxin Baiyangdian scenic spot, Chengde summer resort and surrounding Temple scenic spots in Baoding city. Shanxi: Yungang Grottoes, Datong City, Wutai Mountain scenic spot in Xinzhou City. Liaoning: Shenyang Botanical Garden, Dalian Hutan marine park, ocean Polar Museum. Jilin: Changchun City, the Palace Museum of the puppet Manchu, Changbai Mountain scenic spot. Heilongjiang: Sun Island Park, Wudalianchi scenic spot and Yabuli ski resort in Harbin. Shanghai: Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Shanghai wild animal zoo. Jiangsu: Zhongshan Lingyuan scenic spot, Zhongshan Lingyuan scenic spot, Wuxi film and television base of CCTV, Shuihu scenic spot of Suzhou, Zhuozheng Park of Suzhou, and Zhouzhuang Ancient Town scenic spot of Suzhou. Zhejiang: West Lake scenic spot, Yandangshan scenic spot in Wenzhou, Putuo Mountain scenic spot in Zhoushan City. Anhui: Huangshan scenic spot of Huangshan City and Jiuhua Mountain scenic spot of Chizhou City. Fujian: Gulangyu scenic spot in Xiamen, Wuyishan Scenic Spot in Nanping City. Jiangxi: Lushan scenic spot of Jiujiang City and Jinggangshan scenic spot of Ji'an city. Shandong: Penglaige tourist area, qufuming (Sankong) tourist area, and Taishan Scenic Spot of Tai'an City, Yantai city. Henan: Songshan Shaolin scenic spot, Longmen Grottoes scenic spot in Luoyang, Yuntai Mountain scenic spot in Jiaozuo City. Hunan: Nanyue Hengshan tourism zone and Wulingyuan tourism zone of Zhangjiajie City. Hubei: Huanghelou Park, Wuhan, and Three Gorges Dam Tourism Area, Yichang city. Guangdong: Mayor long tourist resort of Guangzhou, overseas Chinese city tourist resort in Shenzhen. Guangxi: Lijiang scenic spot of Guilin and the world of leisure in the land of le man in Guilin. Hainan: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Sanya City Nanshan Dongtian tourism area. Chongqing: Dazu stone carving scenic spot in Chongqing, Wushan small Three Gorges in Chongqing -- small Three Gorges. Sichuan: Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic spot, Emei Mountain scenic spot in Leshan City, Jiuzhaigou scenic spot of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Guizhou: huangshuoshu Waterfall Scenic Spot and Longsun Longgong scenic spot. Yunnan: Shilin scenic spot, Dali City, Lijiang City, Shangri La Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot, Xishuangbanna tourist area Shaanxi: Museum of terra cotta warriors and horses of Qinshihuang, HuaQingChi scenic spot of Xi'an, Huangdi Mausoleum scenic spot of Yan'an City. Gansu: Jiayuguan cultural relics scenic spot, Pingliang Kongtong mountain scenic spot. Ningxia: Shahu scenic spot of Shizuishan City and Shapotou scenic spot of Zhongwei city. Xinjiang: Tianshan Tianchi scenic spot, grapougou scenic spot in Turpan, Kanas Scenic Spot in Altay area, Urumqi city. Hainan, Thailand and Hong Kong can be considered, and the price is not expensive and tourism resources are rich. It is the best tourist route in this season. However, Hong Kong is recommended relatively, because Hainan is too "Chinese", Thailand is now unstable in political situation and N1N1 is running. Hong Kong is prosperous and westernized, and it retains many Chinese culture that is not seen in mainland China. When you go, the Chinese and Western cultures are very lively and extraordinary. Various snacks dazzle you, and there are a large number of special products for season changing. Beautiful disney night ensures you have a good time and a memorable memory. Why not do you have fun? Lu Jihong sincerely hopes the above information will help you!

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