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Monday, March 22, 2021

What places do you have to go when you travel to Hong Kong?

What places do you have to go when you travel to Hong Kong?

The top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (1): Taiping mountain Hong Kong's urban landscape is extremely unique. Hong Kong may be the most densely populated city with high-rise buildings in the world. In order to find the best place to see Hong Kong as an international metropolis, Mount Taiping, the highest point on Hong Kong Island, may be the most recommended place. It's also because there are millions of people's homes at the foot of Taiping mountain. At night, millions of people can see all the lights, just like thousands of Christmas trees full of light bulbs. There is no other night scene to compare with her. Eternality Hong Kong's top ten tourist attractions (2): the avenue of starlight is located between the Tsim Sha Tsui Space Museum and the Intercontinental Hotel. Reflected by the high buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour, the goddess of Hong Kong Film Awards witnesses the twinkling of stars. It symbolizes that Hong Kong, as the avenue of starlight of Hollywood in the East, is definitely a tourist attraction that can't be missed. In the evening, it's also a good place for the illusory color chanting Xiangjiang River and the laser water curtain performance. Eternal top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (3): Repulse Bay Repulse Bay not only has charming sunshine, ocean and beach, but also has colonial houses and elegant residential areas. Sunset, in the downtown quiet experience intoxicating dusk. Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park is not the world's largest aquarium, nor is it the world's largest amusement park. However, Hong Kong Ocean Park may be the happiest ocean theme park in the world. In addition to the interesting dolphin and sea lion performances, there are also more than 250 marine exhibition halls with more than 2000 fish groups. Like exciting friends, Panshan built by the sea of mobile games is absolutely not to play first excited. There are many open-air markets in cities all over the world, but there are some open-air markets in Hong Kong that are not available in other places, such as bird garden (specializing in pet birds), flower market (specializing in flower potted plants), goldfish Street (specializing in aquatic pets), jade market (specializing in jade), Temple Street (including fortune tellers and Cantonese opera performers) Night hawker market of drama, women's Street (specializing in popular fashion clothing accessories). In particular, the types of female ornaments are not found in many open-air markets. Stanley market is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong (6): Wong Tai Sin Temple. Wong Tai Sin Temple is probably the most trusting temple in Hong Kong. The appearance of its red column, golden roof, blue lintel and yellow lattice can be regarded as a typical example of traditional Chinese temple architecture. Aberdeen Aberdeen is the gathering place of fishing boats in Hong Kong. Traditional fishing boats and modern high-rise buildings stand on the hillside nearby. The coexistence of two completely different scenery forms a strong contrast. In addition to the traditional Chinese style boat "treasure seafood boat", the beautiful Chinese fishing port is just around the corner. Eternality Hong Kong's top ten tourist attractions (8): Lantau Buddha and Baolian temple, the largest outdoor metal Buddha statue in the world, is also located on the top of the mountain. The momentum of Guzhong can only be understood through personal experience. Victoria Harbour is one of the world's top three night views. The cheapest way to view Victoria Harbour is to take the star ferry to travel between Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. Star Ferry charges (upper): HK $2.2 eternity recommended routes: Tsim Sha Tsui < > > Central and Tsim Sha Tsui < > > Wanchai eternity top ten tourist attractions (10): Hong Kong Disneyland, Mandarin speaking Hong Kong Disneyland, the world's latest Disneyland,

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