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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Where is the best place to travel recently? Please recommend

Where is the best place to travel recently? Please recommend

Hope to help you: the answer of the eagle in the blue sky is strictly prohibited to plagiarize, copy and post. First choice for Landscape: Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou, Huashan, sea, beach, swimming, diving: Sanya, Xisha, Shangxiachuan Island, historic sites: Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Dunhuang, ancient towns: Suzhou, Pingyao, Lijiang, Fenghuang, Langzhong, Xitang, Nanxun, Zhouzhuang city scenic spots: Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guilin [answer of the eagle in the blue sky] plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. Bodhisattva worship: Mt. Wutai, Mt. Putuo, Mt. Jiuhua, Mt. Emei and Nanhua temple; Mt. Putuo is the Taoist center of Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mt. Wutai is the Taoist center of Manjusri Bodhisattva, Mt. Emei is the Taoist center of Puxian Bodhisattva, Mt. Jiuhua is the Taoist center of dizang Bodhisattva and the sixth patriarch of Nanhua Temple. [answer of the eagle in the blue sky] plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. Grassland: Hulunbuir grassland, Xilingol Grassland, endless desert: Dunhuang, YueYaQuan, Xiangshawan, Shahu, through bayingol, Luntai to Qiemo or Minfeng, or take the national highway to Ruoqiang; Gobi, Hami, Tarim first farm, Lop Nur Exploration: Line 1: Xining - Changdu - Chengdu or Deqin; line 2: Ando - NIMA - Gaize - Geji - gar, please do not copy my answers, If you ask about the scenic spots, you can't answer it New attractions: Wansheng stone forest, Wulong Libo Karst World Heritage, Hezhou, Guangxi, are all new attractions, stone forest is no less than Lunan, eighteen water, Guposhan waterfall group is very spectacular, there are more than 30, hot springs, scenic spots, food, housing and transportation, ticket prices are low. Hezhou is also close to Guilin, more than two hours to go. Western Baise area, Detian waterfall, Leye Tiankeng are not bad Wrong. If you are lonely, at a loss, under great work pressure, and financial support, you can make an appointment to fly directly to your destination for two days. If the economic conditions do not support it, you can ask a person nearby for a holiday. The most valuable self driving tour route in China: plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. 1. Xining, Maduo, Yushu, Nangqian, leiwuqi, Changdu, Mangkang, Batang, Yajiang and Chengdu. 2. Naqu, bange, zhanggui, NIMA, Gaize, gar, Rutu, DOMA, Keriya pass, Rimo, ruowu (you can go to Lop Nur), Yuli, Korla, Urumqi (exploration route) 3. Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Yongshun, Baojing, Xiushan, Xiyang, Wulong, Wansheng, Chongqing (landscape route) Guangzhou can be called the paradise of international shopping, the forefront of the motherland's opening up: you have places to play, places to see, places to make you happy, just what you want, Guangzhou is a paradise for shopping, a paradise for knowledge, and a paradise for fun. It is suggested that you stay in Yixin hotel in Guangzhou, which is hygienic, luxurious, safe and convenient. The standard price is 200 yuan. There are more than 100 clothing wholesale cities near Baima. The price of leather goods is the biggest in the world. 2. The price of leather goods is the biggest in the world, There are some French here, and the French will feel ashamed. 6. China's largest Chinese herbal medicine market, Qingping market, which Li Shizhen never thought would happen in Guangzhou. 7. China's largest dry seafood market, with shark fin and bird's nest piled up like a mountain, has some dry goods in the world. 8. China's largest seafood market, Huangsha market, is the distribution center of all seafood in China, Australia's largest seafood market is not as much as here. 9. Southern tea market, some tea in the world can be bought here, and it is the best. 10. China's largest wholesale market for hotel supplies, Nantian wholesale market. 11. Jade Street in Changshou Road, where jade from all over the world are available. 12. China's largest flower market, All kinds of cultivated flowers and plants make you fresh and fresh. Plagiarism, copying and posting are strictly prohibited. 13. Decoration materials wholesale city, the variety can be said to be the best in the world. 14. Pacific, Tianhe, Nanfang, Accor, President, Broadway, Guangzhou computer East West City, Bill Gates will feel ashamed when he goes in. He didn't come in early to have a look. 15. Lecong Furniture City has furniture all over the world. If the three generations of Bush and his grandchildren go in, they will feel that they are ignorant. 16. Sanyuanli Auto Parts City, Zhanlong Auto Parts City, Zhiyou Auto Parts City and Yifu Auto Parts City. After watching, you can become an auto manufacturer. 17. Eat in Guangzhou. Cantonese cuisine and seafood are the main food in Guangzhou. All the dishes in China and the world can be eaten in Guangzhou. 18. The paradise of play and the highest level of game of life can be found here. Travel to Guangzhou will make you refreshing, well-informed, there will be a treasure you harvest, lonely will find happiness. Entrepreneurs will find a foothold. The main scenic spots are: Nanyue King's tomb, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Guangxiao temple, Guangta temple, Chenjiaci, Huangpu Military Academy, Baiyun Mountain, South China Botanical Garden, Changlong happy world, Xiangjiang wildlife park

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