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Monday, March 22, 2021

Which tourist scenic spot is good in Korea?

Which tourist scenic spot is good in Korea?

"If Jeju island does not look carefully, it can not be seen." Just arrived in the south of Korea and Jiangsu Province of China at the same latitude of this tourist destination, the host is not a modest word, raised our curiosity. After leaving Jizhou International Airport, the island is short of tropical scenery, flowers and flowers. The buildings and residents are familiar with each other. What you see and hear seems to be able to meet the above words of the owner. But 1845 square meters... The ice and snow world Shanjing lake can keep the ice and snow of mountain well Lake in the "ice and snow world in the mountain" in Jingji road every year until the end of February. Tourists can enjoy the fun of "ice and snow kingdom" here. Shanjinghu is on Mingsheng mountain (923M). According to legend, in the post Three Kingdoms era, which was dominated by heroes and heroes 1000 years ago, bow descendants were chased by Wang Jian's soldiers, and fled into Mingsheng mountain in tears to save their lives. Shanjing lake is a personal industrial lake with an area of 30 cm, which is a reservoir built to solve agricultural water use. Shanjing Lake... Beautiful sea Jianghua Island Jianghua island is about 50 kilometers away from Seoul, and about 1 km across the Strait. There are many historic sites on the island, and the natural scenery such as sunset in the West Sea and winter migratory birds, the Gaoli Palace site, Jianghua mountain city, jianghuazhi stone tomb, chuandeng temple, Mani mountain tourist site, etc., are all amazing. The main landscapes of Jianghua island are: Mount mani and Jiancheng altar are 469 meters above sea level. There are stone cut City altar related to the tanjun myth (the founding myth) on the top of the mountain. Every day, the sacrificial ceremony is held. All of the beautiful Han River Park Hanjiang Park runs through the center of Seoul, flowing slowly from east to west. The Olympic road along the Han River is about 40 kilometers, along which there are parks, fishing grounds, cruise docks, water gymnasiums, Olympic related facilities, etc., which are the places for citizens to rest. People can take yachts, motorboats, cruise boats, fishing, and enjoy leisure and entertainment. On the wide lawn of the park, kite conferences and other colorful celebrations are held in different seasons. Here, it can not only be eliminated... Sightseeing was built 1300 years ago in Fuyu, the most prosperous ancient capital of the six generations of the baiji era, which was the birthplace of cultural and artistic flowers. With the passing of Baima River and the solemn and majestic Baiji tower, all the tourists here have a peaceful feeling of peace of mind. In this beautiful ancient city, there are prosperous scenes of the peaceful times, the baiji golden copper incense stove and Dinglin Temple site 5 floors, which were made of the efforts and soul of the artists at that time... The open east China sea bathing place of Luoshan is located between XueYue mountain and the East China Sea, so as to see the sunrise and hear the name. There are the first Luoshan Temple of eight views in Guandong, the prehistoric sites and important cultural relics of Wushan, five color mineral water and hot springs, the magnificent snow mountain daqingfeng and Qiyan scenery, the river Zhao Tai where he Lun and Zhao Jun stayed, and the clean bathing beach. The natural environment here is well protected and free from pollution. Luoshan East China Sea is a picturesque snow scene on snow mountain. It stretches its magnificent posture. Its scenery is winter... The east coast of the east coast is a favorite summer resort for Korean people. The east coast has a winding coastline, and there are not many islands. Along the winding coastline, it is an endless and pure beach, which is reflected by the grotesque peaks, and has many first-class bathing places. The waterfalls, caves, hot springs, beaches, national parks and fishing villages in natural harbor on the east coast are wide and beautiful. They can be called the representative tourist attractions in South Korea. Jingputai is a charming scenery. It is the eight views of Guandong. It is also a fantasy snow mountain snow mountain. Snow Yue mountain is located in the junction of linghoo County, Xiangyang County, Zhucao city and Gucheng County in Jiangyuan road. In South Korea, it is the third mountain (1708m) after Hannah mountain (1950 m) and Zhiyi mountain (1915 m). Snow mountain means "snow and mountain". In autumn, maple leaves can be seen in the mountains. In winter, tourists are constantly coming, which is called a resort for sports enthusiasts to ski. Snow mountain is divided into two parts: North and south, divided by dinosaur mountain, called inner snow mountain and outer snow... A good place to rest - jinape mountain is located on the upper Sichuan mountain 61 on the Weichuan side of Yuchang Prefecture, South Qingshang Road, and is the branch of Sichuan reed Yu mountain on the Weichuan side. The natural forest of jinape mountain at the foot of the mountain on the east side of jinape is bounded by the north of the northwest of Juchang county. It is said that golden monkey in ancient mountains was sneaking. A Taoist captured it and hid it under the rock. This rock is called the golden ape rock, which is on the mountainside of the golden ape mountain. There are artificial forests and natural forests such as larch in jinape mountain. In particular, it is said that the Confucian hall, which is read by Confucianism, is located in the hall of Confucianism... The mysterious five six Island, Wuliu Island, is composed of five rock islands, located in the South China Sea of Busan, which is the only crossing for ships entering and leaving Busan Port, and it is the mascot of Busan Port. "Five six islands are five islands, and then six islands / cloudy days are oneortwo islands, sunny days are five or six islands / when it is sunny, I don't know how many islands..." this lyrics shows the mystery of the island. As its name implies, the five islands sometimes become six islands of mystery. In fact, the island of May 6 is from two plastic islands and Eagle island... Leisure sea National Park from Leishan island in the west end of Busan to Lishui in the south. The shore C is serrated, and the beautiful landscape is dazzling. Calm as mirror, blue as blue, boundless sea, spread over numerous islands and cliffs, forming a natural screen, the most suitable for boat tour. The "angel" boat in water runs between the islands from Busan to Lishui, much faster than land. Along the way, it passes through Zhongwu with rich historical relics and 3000 Pu famous for "the island of crane". Tourists... Buddhist treasures: the ancient caves, hidden Sakya and the Buddhist temple, as the Grottoes and nunnery registered with world cultural heritage, were founded in 751 A.D, It was built by the prime minister jindacheng in order to mourn his parents, and was the subsidiary building of the stone Buddha Temple. There are no temples in the grottoes and temples. Only the man-made Grottoes discovered in Houshan in 1909 are preserved. The great masterpiece in the history of Buddhist Art: Sakya Ru Lai sitting, with a peaceful face. The granite round table is carved with up to 3.... the most fashionable? Alkyne? Naejangsan, located on xingquanluo South Road, North quanluo Road, is a big spot for Fengfeng in southwest Korea. To go to neizang mountain, it takes an hour to take a direct bus from the government of the kyquanluo North Road in Chonju. Or take a high-speed bus to Jingzhou and then transfer from Jingzhou to neizang mountain in Seoul, which takes about three hours and forty minutes. The inner Tibetan mountain, which is 763 meters above sea level, is connected by 14 beautiful peaks and layers. The sand dunes on the sea in the head of God Shentouli's "desert" is located far north of Zhongnan Tai'an County, with a total area of 3.84 million square meters (3.2km long and 1.2 km wide). It is the largest dune area in South Korea and a very ideal leisure tourist destination. In addition, the unique landscape of the winter sea will make tourists enjoy the joy of romance and observation of nature at the same time. There are verdant pine forests and dense weeds, which are similar to other bathing places. Only looking at the dunes in the direction of the mountains, like artificial sand piling... The beloved of the sea, Tai'an Peninsula, is located in the west end of Zhongqing South Road. It can be arrived through the Xihai bridge, and it is a place to enjoy the sea in winter. Baisha resort, with a length of 4.5km, includes "wanlipu" and "qianlipu", bailipu and "billi" bathing beach which can hear its name and hear its waves. Tai'an Peninsula has a huge tooth. The National Park Resort, even in the cold wind season, people come here to enjoy the romance of the winter sea. Lianpu, in the island on the way to Anxing Town, is a famous temple of national treasure Songguang temple, which is located in the jungle of Caoxi mountain. It has a long history and many famous monks. Among the three famous temples in South Korea, the atmosphere is the most peaceful. It is famous for cultivating 16 national masters in the Three Kingdoms period. Up to now, there are still quite a lot of monks including foreigners. The temple was rebuilt and expanded in the early 12th century. The famous scenery of the temple includes Sanqing bridge hanging above the Qingliu and the stone well behind the Daxiong hall. In addition, there are a large number of national treasures from South Korea. Transportation: take bus from Guangzhou for about 1 hour 1... Dream Island - Jeju Island. Listen, you listen, it's sea girl laughing Jeju is a must - go place for South Korea. By 2001, it will become an international free city. Jeju Island, a black pearl of Northeast Asia, is known as "Oriental Hawaii", which is a Korean island proud of, and is also a rare island in the world. Jeju Island, lying in the southernmost end of the Korean Peninsula, lies in a stretch and leisure. It has 62 Islands (8 of which are inhabited), and is the largest island in the North Pacific Ocean in South Korea. The beautiful mountain monarch is a typical crater of Hannah mountain, about two kilometers in circumference, and the endless grassland and unique rare graves of Jizhou island are worth a tour. There are more than 420 temperate plants and alpine plants growing near the crater, which are of great academic value. Transportation: it takes about 40 minutes to take the bus to cross the first crossing line in Jeju. The strange ancient trees, roots and rocks formed by the stone garden, stone towers piled up with stones, etc., show 1500 items collected by individuals. With the theme of natural shape, it is divided into different categories, full of humorous furnishings, which fully shows the living style of Jizhou island and nature. It is amazing that it can not help but smile. Transportation: it takes about 20 minutes to take the first cross route in Jeju by bus. The most suitable for sightseeing is xiguipu Tu: Jeju special product - stone carving wengju is the largest and most beautiful island in South Korea. Located on the south-west coast of South Korea, there are numerous beautiful scenery. Jezhou island is 73km from east to west, 41km from north to south, oval in shape, with a total area of 1845 square kilometers, taking flight from Seoul for about an hour. The mountain of Hannah, which is formed by volcano, is located in the center of the island at an altitude of 1950m. There are mountains called "orum" formed by strange volcanoes everywhere. Laisu temple in Laisu temple, South Korea, is the place where the play will serve the princess mammoth. Address: Huiqiu, a monk in the Xinluo period, was built in 633 at shipuli Laisu temple, west of Jin, Fu'an Prefecture, north of the whole Luo Road. Later, it was rebuilt by monk Qing f in the 11th year (1633) of renzu of Li Dynasty. The existing Mahatma temple was built at that time. The area within 500 radius was designated as the cultural heritage conservation area in 1986, centered on the hall of Daxiong. A gate leads to Laisu Si Road... Jizhou Folk Village Museum in "Da Chang today", the Museum of Jizhou folk village, has been living in the government of Jizhou from the status of slave to "medical woman" until he returns to the palace. This story was taken at the Museum of folk village in Jizhou. The Museum of folk custom village in Jizhou saw the style of Jizhou island in the 19th century. Besides the traditional mountain village and fishing village, some local government buildings can be seen. Address: Jinzhou Daonan Jizhou County, surface surface surface surface surface, Shanli 40-1 Museum of Jizhou folk village is completed... South Korea Jizhou Jicai bathing beach is a coastal area for people in the play to walk with the characters minzhenghao when they are in exile. Shell powder dotted with the white sand beach, making the blue sea color more vivid, and the lush pine forest adds a beautiful look to this moving scene. The beach is located in the west of Hanlin city and connected with Hanlin park. White sand beach is full of shell powder, and there is a warm reception island on the front sea. The coastline is 9 kilometers long, and blue is everywhere. The shooting place of "Da Chang Jin": Korean folk village is just like most of the historical and ancient costume plays are shot in Korean folk village. Many scenes of dachangjin come from here. Korean folk village is a cultural place for different social classes such as Shi Nong industry and commerce. Korean folk village, which is a famous place for Korean and foreigners, reappears the life of the late Li Dynasty. Folk village covers an area of 300000 Ping (about 99 hectares), which vividly represents the culture and living side of different classes at that time... The travel palace of Huacheng city in South Korea is the venue for shooting the medical women during the cultivation period in TV series. In order to provide visitors with vivid experience of visiting Huacheng, the guard ceremony of the palace guard will be held every Sunday from 2 to 3 p.m. The palace of Huacheng is the former king's refuge and temporary residence in the war. The palace of Huacheng is the largest and earliest palace in Korea, which is used by Wang of future generations. Due to the damage caused by Japanese aggression, it is currently under repair. It is estimated that Pusan has Shu Island, the main scenic spot in South Korea (habitat of waiting Island): located in the lower reaches of Luodong River and is the paradise of waiting island. The scenery of Shudao in winter is particularly beautiful. Zaga Market: the largest wholesale market for fish and shellfish in South Korea. Known for selling fresh fish and shellfish, the market is booming day and night, reflecting the vitality of Busan, a coastal city. Taizong Tai: a park on the promontory of the beach at the southeast end of Ying island. In front of it is the symbol of the sea and Busan - May 6 island. Wuliu island is regarded as five islands for its time. Sometimes, it is also the main scenic spot in Korea - Jingfu palace in Seoul: after the capital of Han City (Hanyang) was built by Li Chenggui, the Korean Dynasty's great ancestor, the Imperial Palace was built under the mountain of Beiyue. The lotus pond of the artificial lake in the palace is equipped with a festival building and a fragrant Pavilion. Changde Palace: Changde palace is designated as No. 122 historical record. It is built according to the mountain topography, and is integrated with nature. It is the other palace of the ancient emperor, and adjacent to the Changqing palace. Changqing Palace: Changqing palace is the third largest palace in Korea, and is the fourth king of the Korean Dynasty Wang Shizong (created Korea... The main scenic spot in Korea - the third surname cave of Jeju Island: according to legend, three immortals were born in the cave, and married with the three princesses from other countries, forming a tribal state. Jizhou Folk Museum: here is the special customs and customs of Jizhou island and the relevant information of various folk ceremonies such as official wedding and funeral sacrifice. Wanzhangdong: it is a representative karst cave in Jizhou island. The cave is 13.4km deep, with karst rocks and stone pillars in the cave, and some animals and plants living in the cave. Its ecological research value is very high. The custom of city city... The main scenic spot in Korea -- Incheon

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