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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Benefits of Tourism

 Benefits of Tourism

1: People who often travel have quick ideas and broad horizons.

2: Tourism can make people forget their troubles and worries, make people happy and laugh every day.

3: Traveling together can increase mutual friendship and make your character cheerful: lively, willing to help others and selfless.

4: Tourism can broaden your knowledge and lay a solid foundation for your future work.

5: Traveling can exercise one's body and will.

6: Travel can also make friends.


I really hope that local comrades can take advantage of the holiday time to go out more and have a look around. If the time and funds are not convenient, they can have a look around the local area. There are many good places near Tangshan, such as (jingzhongshan, Qingdong mausoleum, panjiashuokou reservoir, a little farther away, Wuling Mountain, Zushan mountain, Yesanpo, Shilin gorge, Jingdong karst cave, barrier lake,) if you don't have time, you can find some good friends to go out by bike. You can bring some food and drink. When you are tired of riding, you can eat together. It's also very happy. I have experience in outdoor tourism. If any of you want to go, you can consult me. I'll do my best to tell you what I know. Hehe, finally, I really hope you can organize to ride a bike outdoors and have a happy outing. But one thing we should remember is that tourism is to increase mutual friendship, exercise and cultivate our sentiment. If you have other messy ideas, I advise you not to go. This is a pure land. Comrades with correct ideas, I will always support you. Finally, I wish you always young. Realize your dream as soon as possible. Enjoy every day.

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