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Monday, August 23, 2021

What is travel?

What is travel?

The significance of travel, some people may think that travel is to eat, drink and have fun, eat delicious food, see the scenery, play with amusement facilities and so on. Tired and expensive, it doesn't make much sense. This is relatively simple. It is not travel, but tourism. The difference between travel and tourism is that travel is deeper than tourism. The significance of travel is reflected in three aspects

1、 Spiritual, increase insight, broaden vision, cultivate sentiment and temper will. When we arrive at a strange place, the local history, cultural landscape, customs and customs have increased our knowledge and broadened our horizons. The beautiful local landscape or natural scenery has shaped our sentiment. During the trip, hiking and mountaineering honed our will.

2、 Physically, exercise and become healthier. Hiking and mountaineering are good exercise items. Exercise makes us healthier.

3、 In life experience, enrich life and improve the quality of life. Through many places, I saw a different world, tasted different food and had a different life experience. It enriches our life and improves our quality of life.

4、 In terms of independent ability, improve the ability to live alone and deal with emergencies. When you travel alone, you have to solve everything alone. You have to take care of your life by yourself. Sometimes you have to deal with emergencies by yourself. It improves our ability to live independently and deal with emergencies.

Many times, a journey suddenly appears in my mind and then takes place. However, I always insist that these seemingly random and abrupt trips may have been set in my life a long time ago. Therefore, every time I travel, those places that should be completely unfamiliar can always give me peace of mind as if I have been familiar for a long time.

A pair of firm feet, a pair of comfortable shoes and a bulging bag, coupled with the eyes looking into the distance and the mood yearning for freedom

It can be a search, an escape, a memory, an adventure

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