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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The meaning of travel

The meaning of travel

The experience of tourism is good, nothing else. Just because of the strangeness, you will find all kinds of beauty

Feel the significance of tourism in different ways:

Walking: it is suitable for places with concentrated scenic spots and scenery everywhere. For example, go to Gubei water town in Beijing, step by step, feel the road you have traveled, feel the atmosphere, or stop to watch the beautiful scenery, or pat the beautiful scenery at will, truly feel man and nature, and measure the significance of tourism with your steps

Gubeishui town

Cycling: as a baby who is not good at cycling, I envy those who ride for a long time. Traveling and cycling is suitable on a flat road. On the road to Dameisha, Shenzhen, cycling is an experience. The roadside is scenery, and the end of the road is expectation. You can also exercise. The humid air by the sea is full of happiness, so tourism becomes meaningful

Dameisha Beach Park

Running: life is full of scenery. If you live next to the West Lake, running around the lake on holidays will have a different taste

Different travel modes have different tourism meanings:

Train: can you imagine going from Beijing to Tibet by train? Take the train all the way to see the customs all the way. Look at each city in a hurry on the train, use time to feel how big the world is, and use your eyes to feel the differences of each place

Plane: the travel mode is expensive, which means saving time and exchanging money for time. This travel mode will make you feel it is not easy to travel; On the Mid Autumn Festival, how many people fly to see the moon. For the tourism from place a to place B, the plane has become a kind of sustenance. Due to the fact that mobile phones are not allowed on the plane and my baby is poor, I don't want to print pictures at this point

Self driving: rich and willful. The advantage of self driving is to go where you want to go. It is convenient to travel and suitable at will. This is real tourism

Only when you see it will you find it

It turns out that the scenery can be so beautiful. Some scenes don't need PS

It turns out that some things can be so delicious that they won't have a bad appetite. Eating goods is the most popular thing

The big pendulum and bungee jumping on the edge of the cliff admire their bravery after taking risks

I just feel that exquisite handicrafts show you the characteristics of the place with their delicacy; It turns out that the mountain can be so steep and dangerous. When you climb the top, you will understand that "when you reach the top, you can see the small mountains at a glance"

When you climb the Great Wall in the rain, you feel that this is called "experience"

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