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Thursday, September 9, 2021

The meaning of travel

The meaning of travel

Free yourself, exile your mind and debauchery the sky

Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu.. Chengdu became popular all over the streets overnight. Listening to the implication of the song, I want to go with you to see the streets of Chengdu

Maybe when we are seventy and eighty, we will tell the story of this trip to our future generations. The patterns of the journey are full of their own memories and give more memories to future generations. What a happy thing that is.

How many people are rich but can't travel. They have strength, but the match between strength and money is time. They can't afford to slack off. Traveling is probably something they want to do but can't do. They are cautious. Maybe a trip will destroy the Empire they built in.

Travel with your beloved girl, take her to your place, take advantage of your youth, play more, no matter where you go. But take her. Because that will be your memory. Youth you still have a lot of time, the best time belongs to the best of you. The best memories are waiting for you to dig.

Write down or keep in mind your trips again and again, show her around, and bury the shells you dug together on the beach. Put down your common oath in the wishing bottle. Shout your love and promise on the Great Wall. Step on your love everywhere and remember that at least you have come and worked hard in the future

Travel with your family. Family together is the happiest time. For a child like me who has been raised in a scattered way, I really want my family to go out and play together. I don't ask much, just ask us to experience the warmth of family once. We walk together. Will be noisy, will be coquettish, let travel enhance our family, let our distance become no gap through travel

Go on a bold journey! Stop and go, take the camera and leave a memory. Unrestrained, this journey is only for yourself, but you see the beauty of the world. happy is he who is content.

That year, we climbed the Great Wall. Physically healthy, I surpassed him early. He was full of strength in order to show his boyfriend. Try to catch up. Later, I deliberately stopped to satisfy him. He was more arrogant than me and told me that between us, maybe he was not as strong as me, but he was the person who could protect me most. He wanted to protect me in the palm of his hand.

That year, we went to the seaside. But he won't let me swim. We had a big fight. Then he told me. He doesn't like me to wear too revealing, and he doesn't like me to be seen by others, because I'm his.

That year.. Everything shows his pride and his boyfriend's strength. I would be amused by his childish jealousy. Later, all the love in that journey made us love more deeply. Travel makes us know how to cherish more

You asked me the meaning of travel. Everyone pursues different things, but the journey is an interpretation of the future and a memory of the past. During the journey, please enjoy yourself, family affection and love. That will be the biggest motivation in your life. When we are old, sitting in wheelchairs, recalling our youth, ups and downs. Be implicit in your travel.

Life is vivid. The journey is full of unknowns. But the illusory life and the confused journey are worth looking forward to. No matter how it ends, I have squandered it. With action to verify the significance of the journey.

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