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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Travel explanation

Travel explanation

Citation interpretation

1. Travel together.

"Li Ji Zeng": "three years of mourning practice, do not stand, do not travel." "Qilin... Does not live, does not travel," said Liu Xiang of the Han Dynasty. Song Su Shi's Taiji said, "Fang Qi didn't build it, the Governor Chen Gong, walked freely under it, saw that the mountain came out of the trees, and saw its bun like people traveling outside the wall".

2. Travel for a purpose.

Tang Geng Yi's poem "a gift from a guest's line" reads: "although you travel on a different road, you miss your return at dusk." The biography of the filial son of Nanyang by Ouyang Zhan of Tang Dynasty: "in the ninth year of Zhenyuan, a certain man traveled to Guozhou". Ding Ling's "girl": "during this trip, a Mao saw all kinds of prosperity and richness, which gave her a basis for her dream".

3. Especially a person on a long journey.

Volume 326 of the Taiping Guangji quotes the strange news record - Shen police: "the envoy Qin long passed through the Zhang girl temple, traveled for many times and prayed for wine and food".

Li Er and "a long journey": "if you live, there is no post station. You rush straight to your destination. As soon as you are born, you start the journey that is already ending."


It aims to provide a theoretical framework to determine the basic characteristics of tourism and distinguish it from other similar, sometimes related, but different activities.

The internationally accepted Esther definition, in 1942, Swiss scholars hanwalker and Krapf.

Tourism is the sum of a phenomenon and relationship caused by the travel and temporary residence of non settlers. These people will not stay permanently and are mainly not engaged in profitable activities.

Technical definition

Use it to provide tourism information for statistics and legislation. Various definitions of tourism technology have been widely used in domestic and international fields. The adoption of technical definitions contributes to the standardization of comparable international tourism data collection.

Technical statistical definitions recommended by the world tourism organization and the United Nations Statistical Commission

Tourism refers to activities that leave their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes, go to some places and stay there, but do not last more than one year. Tourism purposes include six categories: leisure, entertainment, vacation, visiting relatives and friends, business and professional visits, health care, religion / worship, and others.

Related definitions

Communication definition: in 1927, Mengen Roeder of Germany defined tourism as the communication of people who temporarily leave their place of residence and stay in different places as consumers of economic and cultural commodities in order to meet the needs of life and culture or various aspirations. Note: this definition emphasizes that tourism is a social activity.

Objective definition: in the 1950s, according to the definition of tourism by the Institute of tourism of Vienna University of economics, tourism can be understood as the spare time activities of people temporarily in different places, mainly for self-cultivation; Secondly, travel for education, expanding knowledge and communication; Then participate in one kind or another of organizational activities and change relevant relationships and roles.

Definition of time: in 1979, when Dr. Martin prey of general Atlantic Co., Ltd. gave a lecture in China, he defined tourism as traveling for entertainment and staying in a country for at least 24 hours. Note: this definition emphasizes one of the statistical standards of each country in international tourist statistics: length of stay.

Definition of interrelationship: in 1980, Burt Macintosh and Shay Kent Gerbert of the University of Michigan defined tourism as the sum of all phenomena and relationships arising from the interaction of tourists, tourism enterprises, host government and residents of the host region in the process of attracting and receiving tourism and its visitors. Note: this definition emphasizes various phenomena and relationships caused by tourism, that is, the comprehensiveness of tourism.

Definition of lifestyle: Chinese economist Yu Guangyuan defined tourism in 1985 as a short-term special lifestyle of residents in modern society. The characteristics of this lifestyle are: remote, amateur and enjoyment.

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