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Saturday, September 11, 2021

What is the meaning of travel? I think travel is more like a baptism.

What is the meaning of travel? I think travel is more like a baptism.

My mother has always been neutral and opposed to my travel. When I told her where I was going in advance, she always said, "don't go. It's rare to have a holiday. Rest at home. It's so tired to run around all day." then when I mentioned that I didn't go home on weekends because I had a part-time job to do, She would get the travel and say to me, "don't travel every year in the future, then you don't know how much more money you save than your peers!" even after my blind date failed, she sat coldly next to me and said, "As Aunt Chen said, this boy is looking at your circle of friends. He knows you've been to so many places and can't afford to support you, so there's no following. Look how many men haven't contacted you for this reason?"

Will the value of "ge you lying down" at home for five days be greater than going out to see the world? Will I be happier to be a "Ge Langtai" seriously and steadfastly? Is it my fault that those boys didn't contact me because they were not confident?

"I'm just a hard life." I have said this to my friends more than once. Of course, they also say so about me. But travel, I am really willing to spend time and money for it. Because the value of travel is far more than the time and money I pay. I always feel that travel is not only to send myself to a strange place, to feel the local customs and humanities, to feel the local culture History, listen to the silent talk.

Because I have seen children running around the scenic area naked in Angkor and locals who order cocktails and listen to the live band, I have more personal experience of the word "gap between the rich and the poor".

Because in Thailand, I have seen the great palace under the pouring rain in a taxi and walked through the hot sand of kampalan beach under the scorching sun, I am no longer easily influenced by the weather. I should have the mood.

Because I had the courage to play transformers in Singapore and jumped into the wide sea with my fist in badanbai, I began to try what I was afraid to touch and learn to cheer myself up.

Because I've seen Muslims worship piously in Brunei mosques, and Bali residents seriously put their sacrifices on the roadside and hang them in front of their cars, I began to understand people of different faiths in the world and learn to be tolerant. If you ask me, what's good about travel? I can't tell you "one, two, three, four, five" Point, but I did a lot because of travel

Maybe it's because of travel that more and better skills are "unlocked".

Travel is not only a fun trip, but also a spiritual washing.

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