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A family can probably find many reasons to visit Boston for a vacation. In fact, they may appreciate being in Boston so much that they decide to stay in the area. Boston has many attractions for visitors of all ages. The city has more history in one area than some other cities have all over. History buffs will love the town, but anyone can adapt to her essence. Travelers may want to consider visiting Boston if they have never been there. The following are four of the top attractions that one may want to visit on a trip to Boston:

Freedom Trail

Freedom trail is a long trail that passes through some of the most historical parts of the city. The trail is approximately 2.5 miles long, and it passes 17 different historical landmarks. The Paul Revere House is a non-profit museum that was transformed from the original home of Paul Revere. The site of the Boston massacre is another historical stop along the Freedom Trail. Visitors can take a journey down Freedom Trail and search for tidbits of history by the guidance of their free maps. They can pick up maps at the welcome center.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is a gorgeous baseball field for visitors who appreciate a good game. Visitors can watch the Boston Red Sox battle against rivals such as the Orioles, Blue Jays, Phillies and more. Fenway Park is special because it is the oldest park in the history of Major League Baseball. The park has been open since 1912. Currently, Fenway Park can seat more than 37,000 people at night. Fenway Park is an excellent place to stop for a family that loves baseball games. They can enjoy some genuine foods and an old-fashioned ball game.

Old North Church

Old North Church is a historical landmark that has a bust of George Washington in front of it. Marquis de Lafayette said of the bust that it was the best likeness of George Washington that he had ever seen. The church is an Episcopal church that was built in the year 1723. The site is great for people who appreciate the meaning and the craftsmanship of a strong building.

Public Garden

Public Garden is a simple name for one of the most beautiful landmarks in the area. The garden was the very first botanical garden in America. Public Garden came to be in 1634, and it is the resting spot of thousands of persons who visit the area. The architectural style of the park is Victorian and the land’s overseers continue to maintain that style. Public Garden would be a fitting place for a family to make a stop for some snapshots.

Preparing for a Boston Trip

Families will visit Boston according to their work schedules and such. However, the best time to visit may be September and October. The reason that those two months are the best times to visit is the beating summer heat period has ended. Visitors can enjoy the sun without being uncomfortable. Travelers will want to schedule their trips as early as possible to save money on hotels in Boston. The Hipmunk site is an example of a site that person can use to find the cheapest hotels in the area. Additionally, they can locate discounts on auto rentals to the make the trip even more relaxing.

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