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June - 22 - 2012

One of the largest commercial and tourist centers, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai there are organized many world class sporting events such as golf, tennis, fishing, horse racing, boat racing, rugby, sailing and even football. Furthermore the city is also renown for its sophisticated night life. The parties that take place here are extremely luxurious featuring exotic menus and exclusive cocktail recipes. Don’t be surprised if your drink is served in a gold glass because if there is one word that defines Dubai, that word is definitely luxury.

The city is one of the most modern, both in terms of architecture and history. Around 1830 Dubai was a small fishermen settlement. The Maktoum family took the lead in the development of Dubai allowing it to become what we can see today. Therefore, the city is distinguished by modern buildings and luxury, and not by historical buildings or monuments.

A landmark building in the city is now the Bujr al Arab hotel built on an artificial island and rated at 7 stars. We shall also mention other hotels that are distinguished by luxury, elegance, structure and form, such as Atlantis Palm, Jumeirah Beach, Habtoor Grand, Le Royal Meridien Beach, Grosvenor House West Marina, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, Ritz Carlton, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, Towers Rotana, Dubai Metropolitan, Novotel City, Coral dispatch, Rose Rayhaan, Riviera, Dhow Palace. Hotel rooms have a whole level, giving them the most luxurious and comfortable conditions. A stay of 7 days can start at several hundred euros per person and reach for a night under a rental apartment in Burj al Arab royal, to 28 000 dollars per night.

The streets of Dubai are very clean and safe, and visitors remain easily impressed. Also, the city is a paradise for lovers of shopping, bazaars can be found with ease and they provide almost everything you can desire at affordable prices. Shopping malls were built by keeping in mind the design and architecture of the rest of the city, so luxury is not missing here either.

In addition to vast beaches, tourists can enjoy and relax with numerous activities. Just outside of Dubai you can explore the desert with a 4 × 4 vehicle, a tractor or trailer or dromedaries. The surrounding places also offer an unique selection of nightlife activities such as parties, bars and restaurants with dishes more or less specific to the area of the world in which you find yourself. Whether you are planning on partying all the time and trying out all the sophisticated cocktail recipes or you want to relax and discover an exotic country, Dubai is the perfect destination for you. A great idea while being in Dubai is to take your time and to go visiting the Al-Fahidi Fort, the many mosques, museums and the impressive Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, or any of the many other attractions that make visitors to return to Dubai for their vacations.

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