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How to Travel Cheaply

October - 17 - 2012

It is possible to travel around the world for free, or at least cheaply, if you learn a few tricks and tips, but the most important thing is that you are courageous and proactive and not be afraid to ask for advice or help from others. First you have to choose a destination, and then start putting together the details of your trip. If your only option is to fly by airplane to your chosen location, you have to look for cheap flights that can take you there.  Buying plane tickets is a difficult task, especially since the way to do that, either on the internet or from the airport itself, is about the most complicated thing you have to do.

Still, it is possible to find cheap tickets if you check out the budget airline options. Large carriers have brand recognition and may offer more facilities on the plane, but low cost carriers can only compete with prices, so it’s probable you’ll find airplane tickets that match your budget. The secret is to find the flights that aren’t presented on most websites’ programs, but another solution is to book your flight early, even months before the date you’ve set for your trip.

Nevertheless, you can find the cheapest flights on the phone so pick it up, call the nearest airports and ask for special offers or other cheap flights. You may be surprised to find that your local airline agent can book you a flight with much cheaper tickets than you expected. And if you travel often, set yourself up with a frequent flyer miles card, which can save you a lot of money and even offer you the opportunity to fly for free in some instances. In any case, discounts will be available with this option.

Another important aspect when looking for a cheap vacation is to find cheap accommodations. Some people practice home or apartment swapping, or couch surfing as it’s termed, and they go visit each other’s cities and countries while staying for free. This is a choice for people with more courage and intuition, as it’s quite difficult to know the person you’re borrowing your home to. Hostels and motels are other cheap options for accommodation. There are also cheap destinations which you can find with a little research.

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