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Every state has its own weird places to visit. Below you can find where to go in Texas if you are looking for something out of ordinary.

Bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin
The largest urban bat colony in North America lives under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX. From mid-March to November, at dusk you can see the 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats covering the sky as they go searching for food. The perfect time is the hottest time in August. You can either choose to see them for free or on guided riverboat tours.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo
Ten used 1949-1963 Cadillacs covered with graffiti are buried nose-down and facing east at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. They were assembled by the helium millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 and The Ant Farm, a San Francisco art collective.
The cars are placed at the same angle as the Cheops` pyramids in Egypt. Visitors are encouraged to add their own graffiti, but Marsh is very strict when it comes to damaging his cars, so don`t try to steal anything.
Paying a tribute to breast cancer victims, the ten cars were painted pink in 2005.

Stonehenge II in Hunt
Located on FM 1340 west of Hunt, TX, the Stonehenge II is a replica of the original Stonehenge in England.
Some of the stones are built from plaster applied to a wire frame, while others are real ones. In the same place you can also find two imitation Moai or Ester Island statues, as well as rarely seen large red harvester ants.

Cathedral of Junk in Austin
This weird creation is built from about 60 tons of metal and scrap, from kitchen cutlery to car parts or circuit boards. It supposedly includes nearly 700 bicycles. All these components have been wired together over the last two decades.

Toilet Seat Museum in Alamo Heights
This collection of over 600 toilet seats has been created by a retired master plumber in 2002. All toilets seats are registered and cataloged, along with information about the materials used and the source of inspiration for making them.

Apache Trading Post`s Jackassic Park in Alpine
Besides books and collectibles related to the Big Bend region of Texas, Mexico and Indian Heritage, at the Apache Trading Post you can have fun with your friends by taking a picture at the jackass cut-out mural where you can choose to be “Candy-ass”, “Smart-ass”, ½ ass”, Lazy-ass” or “Dumb-ass”.
The Apache Trading Post is home for the largest selection of topographic and three-dimensional maps of the mountains of West Texas. There is also a movie room where you can see, among others, a short video about the mysterious Marfa Lights.

Monolithic Dome Caterpillar in Italy, Texas
These fascinating structures inspired from the famous Italian domes are located on Interstate 35E between Hillsboro and Dallas, in the place named Bruco.

Kettle House in Galveston
The weird house in Galveston is thought to have been constructed by a man who built tanks for oil companies. The kettle house in more than 50 years old and not even Hurricane Ike destroyed it.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas
This replica of the famous Parisian Eiffel Tower is 65 feet tall, in comparison to the original which features 1063 feet in height. Still, the originality and uniqueness of the Texan Eiffel Tower comes from a special component: a 100 feet wide, 4 ½ feet tall red steed Stetson cowboy hat!

As you can see, there are many weird places to visit in Texas, so enjoy your trip!

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